How to Help Online Students to Stay Healthy and Balanced in 2021
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Many students are still undergoing online lessons and distance learning, and while many of them have gotten a hold of the practice, it can still be difficult for some. If you have a student at home who is attending online lessons, they might find it difficult to lead a healthy life because of how chaotic online lessons can be. Here are some things that you can do to help them stay healthy, stable as an online student with limited social interaction.

Get enough sleep every night

One important thing that many students have a hard time achieving is getting enough sleep every night. Getting enough sleep is important for everyone, but it is especially important for students because a lack of sleep can have a negative impact on brain functions like focus and impulse control. Your schedule can change when you begin attending online lessons, which can affect the time you sleep, so encourage your child to fall asleep on a regular schedule or train them to do so.

If your child has trouble going to bed at night, you can try limiting their screen time before they head to bed. The blue light emitted by the monitors of any digital device can reduce the body’s production of a sleep regulatory hormone called melatonin so putting away any devices before bedtime will help them fall asleep faster.

Arrange a suitable study space

Your child might be tempted to study on their bed because it is more comfortable, but this can affect their learning. If you want your child to stay focused, you will need to create a study space for them that promotes a positive learning environment. This will not only help them focus better but will also allow them to be more comfortable while they are studying.

The characteristics of a comfortable learning environment include being organized, adequately lit, and having proper seating with good back support, but the space should be catered to the one studying, so make any adjustments according to your child. A well-built study space with proper seating will also help them to practice good posture. Constant slumping and slouching can hurt their back, so it is best to always practice good posture.

Have healthier meals and lots of water

It is important for your child to maintain a healthy diet so that they can stay healthy while attending online lessons. Sugary treats and salty snacks are great on occasion, but they should not be a substitute for a well-balanced meal. Your child should also be eating at a regular time so try to have a proper schedule for your family’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner so that they do not miss their meals.

If your child gets hungry before the scheduled mealtime, they can have a quick and healthy snack like some fruits or a vegetable platter. Your child should also be drinking enough water throughout the day so keep their water bottles filled and make sure that they drink them in between lessons. You can also keep reminders for your child with an alarm or a timer if they find it hard to drink enough water every day.

Remember to take breaks in between schedules

Online lessons can get a little hectic, and there are times where your child finds themselves multitasking just to complete your coursework and assignments, but they should also keep in mind to take breaks occasionally. Taking breaks in between lessons is not only important for your child’s physical health but also their mental health so allow them to take breaks whenever they get the chance.

While it is nice to let your child check their social media in between lessons, a proper break from their lessons is not just moving from one screen to another. You should try to get your child up from their seat and moving around to stretch their body and joints. They can also take this time to drink some water, get a quick snack, or go for a bathroom break before their next lesson begins.

Get up and do some exercises

As students shift to online learning and lessons, the amount of exercise and physical activities that each student does in a day can reduce significantly. You should still find some time for them to incorporate as much exercise in their day to stay fit and healthy. Exercising can also help improve one’s sleep cycle and reduce stress, so if your child is dealing with any sleeping problems or if they are stressed out from school, exercising would be helpful.

Going outside is the best option because your child can also get some fresh air while they are exercising. You can go for a jog with your child, ride a bike or a scooter with them or play some sports with the rest of the family. If you think it is hard to move your child away from their computer during school hours because they might miss something, you can just teach them some stretches in their room in between lessons.

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