How To Learn Music at Your Own Rhythm?
How To Learn Music
How To Learn Music at Your Own Rhythm

The beauty of music is that you can decide to learn it at any age. However, if it isn’t your main activity, you may find it hard to devote time to practice and add it to your daily routine.

Following classes may be too demanding for you. But there is a way that you can learn music at your own rhythm in today’s technological world. It comes in the shape of an app called Metronaut.

Which Instrument Can You Learn with The App?

No matter which instrument you have decided to start playing, you will be able to use the app to help you learn it at your own rhythm. The first thing you will need to do is to learn the notes on the instrument and how to read a sheet of music.

Otherwise, you will never be able to practice with the app. But once that is done, you can choose one of the thousand songs that it contains and start playing with an orchestra.

First, download the app at, and tour the gallery of songs available for your instrument. They are different for each because the app has removed that particular instrument of the recording so that you can actually hear yourself play the part. Otherwise, you would get lost in confusion.

Once you have found the song that you want to learn how to play, open the music sheet and read it one time, without playing. Then, play the notes, one by one, a few times by yourself. It will practice your finger on where to go. Then, it will be time to start practicing with the full orchestra.

Select the Tempo

How can you suddenly play with a full orchestra when you are not yet good enough to play the song? The answer is: By slowing down the tempo. In music, you learn by repeating over and over a particular string of notes. In the beginning, it will most certainly sound wrong. It may not even be close.

However, the more you place your fingers in the right place and in the right order, the better it will become. The advantage of the app is that it obligates you to follow a certain rhythm right from the start, which really helps to get you there more rapidly.

In the beginning, it will be so slow that all the instruments playing will sound like it is not even a song at all. It’s okay. What you need is to be able to string the notes together in the right way, at that tempo. Once you have done it a few times correctly, then raise the tempo and start all over again.

You won’t believe how fast you will get to play one of your favorite pieces, thanks to the app. It is a motivating factor that will really help you grow your love for music and keep you playing for hours. And that is what music is all about in the end: Enjoying the sounds that you create.

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