How to make sure your home is ready for winter

Winter is on the horizon, and it’s time to get your home ready for the colder season. The winter weather can take its toll on your property. You need to do a few pre-winter checks to make sure everything is water-tight and secure. Make sure your home is cosy and warm before the days start getting icy. You will thank yourself later.

Here are a few pre-winters checks you should be doing now.

Service your boiler 

There tend to be longer waiting times for plumbers and electricians in the winter months. People need their heating system to work when the temperature plummets. Get your boiler serviced by a professional now so you can avoid any freezing cold nights. You can follow the instructions in the boiler manual to make sure everything is working correctly. However, a Gas Safety registered Engineer will give you better peace of mind.

Look after your pipes

Cold weather can cause your pipes to freeze and burst. A burst pipe can cause a lot of damage that is expensive to fix. Look out for any cracks in your outside pipes and seal up any gaps as soon as possible. Cold air will seep into any holes in the pipes and cause them to burst. Try to keep your heating low when you’re away from home. Do not turn it off altogether. A steady low temperature will help to keep your pipes in good condition.

Bleed radiators 

When you turn your radiators off for a few months, they can become cold at the top or hot at the bottom. This means your radiator is bleeding. Test your radiators and bleed them before the cold weather arrives. Your heating system needs to be as efficient as possible.

Tidy outdoor space

You need to do a little maintenance work outside as well. Prune back the garden bushes, tidy any rubbish away and store your outdoor furniture in the shed. You should secure any loose items that could be swept away, like plant pots and wheelie bins. Try to stay on top of the autumn leaves and keep your garden in good condition.


You need to keep your home secure during dark winter nights. Install some outdoor lights to keep your garden well-lit and safe. Double-check your gates, fences, and doors to make sure everything is secure.

Get ready to snuggle up at home for this winter season.

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