How to start your career as an Interior Designer
Interior Designer

Being an interior designer takes hard work and dedication. It requires a trained eye for detail, perseverance, and a keen passion for all things home related. Here’s how you can kickstart your interior design career.

Study hard

Study the art of interior design as much as possible. Buy books on home décor throughout the ages, watch videos of top designers explaining their methods, and where possible try to attend some online classes to learn all the modern tricks of the trade.

The more you learn, the less mistakes you will make when you initially start to design your own floorplans and homes.

Have confidence

Being confident is a key personal trait to have as an interior designer. You will need to believe in the methods you are using and have a solid plan to work with. Being confident in your ability to make a building look as aesthetically pleasing as possible whilst still having all the attainable features that a buyer would be looking for is part and parcel with becoming a successful interior designer.

Learn from the experts

There are plenty of ways that you can learn tips and tricks from expert designers. Whether you’re looking for ways to style the perfect country kitchen or create an open plan lounge for both work and relaxation, there’s tutorials and advice out there to be found.

For example, Stephen Lynskey, Head Designer at Hammonds Kitchens says, “Not only does a petite breakfast bar in the kitchen look extremely chic, it also provides much needed countertop space and acts as a handy replacement for a bulky kitchen table.”

The best part about following the advice of experts is that they’ve usually got many years of experience under their belt, and they will have refined their skills and learned from their mistakes so that you don’t have to spend time making them.

Start small

When attempting your first few interior design challenges, start small and work with those close to you so that you can get to grips with the process. You could even try decorating your own home first or the homes of your family members and asking them for their honest critique at the end.

By starting small you won’t run the risk of biting off more than you can chew before you have the right practical experience, as this could end up putting you off or discouraging you from further design ventures.

Find your style

Every interior designer has their own refined style that is recognisable. Be creative, push boundaries and see what type of decorating really makes you buzz. Once you’ve found the style that you’re happy with, work on this until it is absolute perfect and how you’d imagined it to be.

If you have a similar theme with your interior design, customers will know what to expect of you and you’ll be recommended far and wide to people who are also interested in that particular style and look.

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