Humor can play an Essential Role in Ensuring Success at Work
Success at Work

For any organization, smooth operation depends on proper coordination and satisfaction of the employees. This is because they play a core part in taking the organization ahead on the path of excellence and advancements. Thus, it is essential for the management to keep the employees satisfied and happy so that they are always prepared and give their 100% to achieve the organization’s objectives.

In this case, tasteful humor can play an essential role to ensure success at work. There might be many organizations, where the employees do not crack jokes or pack information with wit on a regular basis. Accordingly, for better outcomes, offices can promote a light environment which promotes humor, creativity, and a little more fun.

Humor is typically a bit edgy in nature, and hence, people tend to tone it down a bit at the workplace. Many people think that their colleagues may take their jokes and puns in the wrong manner and get offended. It is very difficult to make something right and easy to do it badly. Plus, many people have the tendency to take themselves way too seriously. Also, it is important to note that the amount and type of humor prevalent in any workplace depend on the work culture. If organizations allow the employees to be themselves and open up, it would provide the scope to express their humor. As a result, they will feel comfortable sharing their opinions and experiences and it will also help in creating relaxed environments, where everyone can work freely with ease.

Incorporating Humor can Reduce Work Pressure

In many organizations, employees tone down their humor with the desire to be taken more seriously. This action may often backfire as people who take themselves too seriously, are ironically taken less seriously by their colleagues. It is important that employees are much more comfortable using humor with their colleagues than they are with their bosses. Many often feel that it is inappropriate to joke around with their boss, as they do not know how their boss will react to it. Hence, they generally find it easier to use humor with their colleagues or low-level managers. Sometimes employees hold back due to the fear of offending someone, or if their humorous attempts crash and burn. Sometimes they also have difficulty in opening up with others or initiate a conversation.

Opening up with others is Crucial

Many employees, especially introverts, have a tough time interacting with their colleagues and superiors. They do not know how to bring forth their unique ideas which can be beneficial for the development of the company. This problem can be resolved if they interact more with their colleagues and while doing so, introduce humor into the conversation by adding funny puns and jokes. People often get engaged in their busy work life, which gradually becomes dull and monotonous. They find it boring to interact with the same persons and carry out the same activity on a daily basis. It this case, engaging in fun and humorous activities can lay off the stress and dullness, while adding life to a busy corporate life. Injecting humor into daily office hours can encourage productivity and lighten up tedious workdays.

Research states that humor can play the role of one of the key elements of a company’s success. Moreover, another research found that 91% of executives believe that maintaining a sense of humor is important for career advancement, while 84% believe that people with a good sense of humor perform better in their work. Another study discovered that the two most desirable characteristics in leaders are strong work ethics and a good sense of humor.

Advantages of Humor in Organizational Operations

Experts state that humor demonstrates an individual’s ability to assess a difficult situation and come up with a variety of solutions. For that, one does not have to be a comedian. Well-placed humor that is clever and appropriate with a business situation can play a major role in boosting one’s career. If a person adds humor to the conversations, people will enjoy working with them. It is also a great way to make friends and develop strong relations. Additionally, humor acts as a brilliant stress buster. It offers a cognitive shift in how one views their stressors, and how to react emotionally and physically with fun and laughter. Humor provides the scope to break all barriers, humanize, and work together as a team. Moreover, it helps people to overcome tension and be at ease.

Humor is also a key ingredient in creative thinking. It helps people to play with ideas, overcome their internal critic, and see things with a new perspective. Humor and creativity assist an individual to look at their challenges in new ways. It enhances connectivity between employees and creates the room for fruitful communications. People who use humor in their communication tend to be more approachable. The more interactive and open a person is, the more honest people will be around them. This will, in turn, lead to more interactive and productive sessions, which will be beneficial for an organization’s success.

Humor can play an important role in assisting a company to stand tall among the stiff competition. With its help, entrepreneurs can go beyond customer service and achieve huge loyalty and following. In order to earn employee loyalty and customer satisfaction, companies can use humor as an effective ingredient.

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