I Business Institute: Nurturing Global Leaders through Career-Oriented Education
I Business Institute

The reality of life, post the COVID-19 crisis, has not yet fully sunk in and its consequences in business, organizations, economy, and the society in essence, will be evident for the rest of 2020 and beyond. This moment of the crisis demands smart, value-driven, and focused leaders; whose determination to work extraordinarily hard and skilfully will help shape the economy and businesses. This calls to mind an old adage, “Crisis does not build character, but reveals it.”

The leaders about whom we are taking here need not be just executives; it could be anyone who can bring successfully lasting change in any organization. They master the art of organizational transformation keeping in mind the present day’s volatile, uncertain, and complex global business landscape.

The I Business Institute (IBI) educates and nourishes individuals to eventually metamorphose into such leaders who are capable of bringing and leading change. Since its inception in 2008, IBI has a long tradition of intellectual rigour and in pursuit of innovative knowledge.

It was established by a group of nation builders who have been highly committed and successful professionals. IBI has the vision to be a globally recognized institution dedicated to excellence in management education and grooming of future global business leaders. The institute’s continuous endeavour is to bring out the best in all the students and develop them as leaders and entrepreneurs who will create value for their stakeholders and society at large.

Holding the Torch of Knowledge

The driving force behind the institute’s continuous growth is Mr. Sujeet Roy, Managing Director of I Business Institute. He has been instrumental in the growth and development of the institute as he widely contributed to ameliorating a leading Management Institute of northern India.

Mr. Roy is a visionary educationist and an eminent academic advisor, and he has always concentrated on the all-round ‘holistic development’ of the students as well as the faculties. He is a recipient of several excellence awards like, ‘Best Educator in India’, ‘National Education Excellence Award’, to name a few. The strength of the Institute lies in the fact that he focuses on various concrete pillars like the student’s level of competence, knowledge, abilities, and inclination.

A Rigorous Curriculum

Enabling IBI to achieve the aforesaid is its industry-specific curriculum. The institute offers a full-time two-year Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Management which is recognized by AICTE. The course structure is designed with a special focus on imparting training and moulding aspirants to acquire necessary core competencies, which are specifically required to manage business organizations.

Besides giving conventional management education inputs, a highly competent set of faculty, in collaboration with industry, has designed and developed a course structure that will provide core competency skills in chosen areas of management ranging from Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Organizational Behaviour, Human Resource Management, Operation Management, Business Ethics, Legal Aspects of Business, Business Research Methods and SPSS, Business Policy and Economics System, Management Information System, Quantitative Techniques, Entrepreneurship, etc. The first year is divided into three trimester learning modules followed by Summer Internship Project.

The second-year is the specialization year, where two areas of management as preferred by the students are taught in-depth.  In the last trimester, students acquire certification courses according to their specialization and get engaged in live projects and consultancy, research projects, and business simulations.

Certifications include: Digital Marketing Certification; Advanced Excel Certification; HR Practices Certification; Six Sigma Certification (White Belt); Financial Management Certification; Marketing Management Certification; Logistics & Supply Chain Management Certification; Business Analytics Certification; Data Science Certification; Fundamentals of Foreign Traits Certification.

Growth-Centric Amenities

Aligned with its theoretical training is the institute’s distinctive and growth-oriented environment. IBI boasts of a world-class academic infrastructure, which includes the spacious, theatre-style, air-conditioned classrooms, augmented with modern state-of-the-art technology equipped audio-visual teaching aids for lectures and presentations. It has spacious conference halls that act as a common ground for interaction between students, faculty, and corporate professionals through presentations, group discussions, conferences, and video-conferencing.

Besides, it also has an air-conditioned auditorium equipped with latest multimedia facilities, a learning resource centre that houses a rich collection of books and journals along with access to a digital library, a computer lab powered with new IT tools and technology, a sports arena for indoor and outdoor games, hostels separately for boys and girls and a recreational zone for extracurricular activities to enhance the overall personality of the students.

Inculcating Holistic Growth

We already established how IBI emphasizes on the holistic growth of the students. Hence, to achieve the same the institute encourages students to participate in various activities which will help them develop skills such as leadership, problem-solving, creative thinking, and many others.

Therefore, IBI has introduced various extracurricular activities for the overall development of the students. The institute has formed various clubs such as; Sports Club, Corporate Social Responsibility Club, Marketing Club, Finance Club, Human Resource Club, Cultural Club, Corporate Connect Club, etc., which organize events regularly.

IBI also organizes and conducts various events, outreaching activities, and competitions in a variety of fields like Case-study competitions, Blog Writing, Problem Solving, Business Plan, Ad Mad Show, Debate, Business Quiz, Collage Making, etc. All these competitions are of multi-stage levels and consist of rounds of presentations, reviews, and feedback.

Apart from these, the institute also celebrates festivals such as; Holi, Ganesh Chaturthi, Christmas Celebrations, Independence Day, Republic Day, etc. Cultural and Sports events like Fresher’s Party, Farewell Party, Alumni Meet, Sports Meet give opportunities to showcase their talent in diverse areas of personality.

Alongside, IBI also offers Industry visits to different companies, excursions, and adventure trips and international trips to help students develop a strong personality with the ability to grow their network and make new connections.

Beyond IBI

We have seen how IBI educates its students for the future. The institute’s prime goal is to nurture its students to take up leadership positions and innovatively bring change both to the organization (they work) and to the society as a whole. Hence, it is safe to say the students passing out from this institute are competent for the global challenges.

IBI’s responsibility does not end with just educating its students, the institute offers aid to help students attain jobs that match their skills. Hence, the students of IBI get a placement opportunity assurance letter that is aimed to provide ample placement opportunities in the corporate world. The institute’s Training and Placement Resource Centre; a unique initiative of the institute is aimed at providing students a comprehensive career and placement support.

The institute also conducts placement drives with participation by reputed companies that conduct the on-campus selection process and issue offers to students. The pre-placement offers are provided to the majority of students, the package ranging from 4.5 lakhs per annum to 12.5 lakhs per annum. For the Summer Internship also, students get multiple offers with a stipend and final placement assurance.

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