ICFAI Law School: Creating Distinctive, Well-Qualified, and Analytical Legal Professionals

The ICFAI Law School, a constituent of the ICFAI University, Jaipur was established in the year 2015 with the objective to deliver qualitative legal education to the aspirants for legal profession as a career. The ICFAI Law School offers BA-LL.B. (Hons.), B.BA-LL.B. (Hons.) five year integrated course and LL.B. three year course which are duly approved by Bar Council of India. The ICFAI Law School accommodates the vibrant bunch of students from all over the country and an enriched intellectual capital in the form of highly dedicated team of faculty members.

The program starts with unique 7 days’ orientation program aiming at exposing the students to our culture, best practices and a meaningful dialogue to shape their personalities. The ICFAI Law School organizes regular sessions with Jurists, Advocates and Professional Bodies and also organize regular visit to the courts, allied institutions and seminars for real time exposure. The Law School has its sui generis system of organising mentor and mentee sessions quite frequently with an objective of holistic development of the young law students. The students are exposed to enriched academic resources, a well-equipped Library housing Preferred Law Journals, Reliable Databases and E-Resources like Manupatra, Jstor. With adequate focus on sports, games and cultural activities, the ICFAI Law School fraternity has been actively participating in almost all the prestigious national-international competitions and have proven their excellence by achieving glorified titles. The competitions like SAARC Law Mooting Competition have witnessed outstanding performance of our students. Necessary Social Sensitization programs under legal aid camps enable the students to be the part of societal progress. With the most favourable student-teacher ratio, the highly qualified faculty resources are able to provide individual attention to the students, organise fruitful discussions and keep a track of their individual growth. Come and join the ICFAI Law School to believe what a fantastic career awaits you.

In simple terms, one might say that legal education brings awareness to people about their rights and duties. It can be called as a tool towards building public confidence, ethical value orientation, and momentum for further reforms.

Also, the 21st century is living in the midst of technological advances in the ongoing wave of the digital arena. In legal education, technological innovation and globalization has removed the constraints of home jurisdiction, opened the scope for multi-jurisdiction, and cross-border issues. Hence, the operation of legal practices has opened up  entirely new dimensions. Adding to that, legal professionals have also been exposed to the challenges of a globalized knowledge dissemination system and they are working hard to preserve the ethnic values.

As such, the responsibility of creating seasoned professionals in the contemporary times falls upon institutions such as ICFAI Law School. Established in the city Jaipur, ICFAI Law School believes in a world-class quality education. The school aims to develop a new generation of legal professionals with rich social values, ethical commitment, and a professional code of conduct through a comprehensive and contemporary body of knowledge.

Student-centric Teaching

At ICFAI Law School, efforts are made to strengthen the academic inputs, develop students’ personalities, and make them ready for the future. Training the students in Moot Court, Legal Aid Clinic, Guest Lectures, etc., the school equips students to gain practical experience, analytical reasoning, legal aptitude, and understanding bar and bench relationship. Hence, students learn good courtroom techniques, processes, presentations, communication skills, and discipline. Such a robust set up renders students independent before they plunge into the competitive professional environment and facilitates the students to imbibe the qualities of a professional lawyer.

The students are also trained to come up with glories such as winners of moot court competitions, various debates, mediations, judgment writing competitions, best researchers, speakers, articles, and so on. Mentoring is another process at the Law School, developing students to become confident, plan their future, and understand the expectations of the industry. Team building and social interaction activities further aid students to achieve attitudinal changes required in a lawyer’s dynamic professional life.

ICFAI Law School believes in the dissemination of knowledge and expertise. The overall goal of the school is to create a new generation of legal professionals and develop a new cadre of citizens with a strong level of competence and a profound sense of ethics and adherence to the Code of Professional Conduct. The law school has always provided for professional management, consistency in the quality of education, and total professionalism.

Additionally, ICFAI Law School attempts to bridge the gap between the professional world and the academics by assisting students to get professional and practical exposure with the help of internships.

Converting Challenges into Opportunities

The institute is of the opinion that unprecedented changes are being experienced in every industry and every economy, which creates new challenges. Rapid developments in information and communication technology, exponential growth, the expansion of the internet, and the opening up of the global economy have generated tremendous complexity and expanded the need for qualified legal professionals to navigate efficiently in this complex environment.

Solving such upcoming complex scenarios, the school aims to create professionals with the touch of humanity with a deep sense of ethics and commitment to the code of professional conduct. It imparts contemporary knowledge and skills, both functional and integrated, and value the academic integrity at all levels. Moreover, the school updates the curriculum as per the industry needs alongside adopting flexible and tech-enabled learning in teaching methodologies. All of this contributes to assisting students to convert ‘Challenges into Opportunities’.

The motivation behind ICFAI Law School is the same as of the University – to offer world-class, innovative, career-orientated professional programs through inclusive technology-aided pedagogies to equip students with the requisite professional and life skills as well as social sensitivity and high sense of ethics.

A Culture that Harbors Innovation

Since the previous two-three decades, the field of the legal profession has historically changed, becoming the world’s largest and most influential in the country. In the midst of this drift, the world around, including the legal environment, has shifted and prospects for professionally trained people have grown tremendously. In such changes, it is indispensable to maintain professional competence and its social relevance. With the passage of time, ICFAI Law School imparts and trains students according to the needs of society by above-said methods i.e. Moot Court, Legal Aid Clinic, Guest lectures, Clinical courses etc. which helps in the overall development of the students as legal professionals. Furthermore, with the aid of government seminars, conference, and workshops, the school maintains and strengthen its administration of justice.

Building Leaders for Tomorrow

ICFAI Law School will continue to disseminate the best of legal education, develop newer academic inputs, and sculpt leaders of tomorrow. For forthcoming years, the law school plans to introduce a Master’s and Doctoral program to expand the avenues for prospective students.

You can learn more about the institute by visiting www.iujaipur.edu.in

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