IIT Kharagpur Modifies Programmes to NEP 2020, Extends Multidisciplinary Approach
IIT Kharagpur

According to the institute’s director, VK Tewari, during a recent news conference, IIT Kharagpur has taken major strides to align its undergraduate and postgraduate courses with the principles of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.

Fostering transdisciplinary research in several domains, like as science, technology, management, and law, is one of the major steps IIT Kharagpur has done in response to NEP 2020.

Improving Academic Productions

The BC Roy Institute of Medical Science and Technology’s MBBS programme will be added as part of the institute’s efforts to improve its academic offerings, expanding its range of educational opportunities.

The undergraduate and graduate curriculum of IIT Kharagpur are also being diversified by expanding the elective options and creating interdisciplinary dual-degree programmes.

“Recognising the value of hands-on experience, the institute has extended the summer internship for undergraduate programs from eight weeks to eight months, allowing students to delve deeper into research or industry internships,” said VK Tewari.

Additionally, he continued, internships have also been suggested for post-graduate programmes.

Working Towards International Student Admissions

IIT-Kharagpur has set up an office for international students and is actively seeking to improve the admission of overseas students in an effort to support global diversity and enhance the campus experience.

The Indian Government founded the Indian Institute of technological Kharagpur (IIT Kharagpur), a public technological research university, in Kharagpur, West Bengal, India.

It is categorised as an Institute of National Importance and was the first IIT to open its doors in 1951. In 2019, the Indian government bestowed upon it the designation of Institute of Eminence. One of India’s most esteemed academic institutions is IIT Kharagpur.

The institute was initially established in order to offer engineering instruction after India attained independence in 1947.

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