IIT- Madras is India’s First Institute that has joined IBM Quantum Network
IBM Quantum Network

After joining the IBM Quantum Network,  IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Madras has become the first Indian institute in the league. There are various quantum programs that is provided in IIT-Madras. The IIT-Madras courses will help in advancing research and development and computing skills.

It will help the institute to advance the quantum computing skills, development, and research in India. The institute will get cloud-based access to IBM’s most advanced quantum computing systems and a chance to explore practical applications of the technology.

The Centre for Quantum Information, Communication and Computing (CQuICC) in IIT Madras has been advanced to develop fundamental algorithms in research areas like Quantum Optimization, applications research in finance, and Quantum Machine Learning.

To explore the areas like Quantum machine learning, error correction and error mitigation, algorithms, tomography, and chemistry IIT Madras will use IBM quantum services and other open-source- Qiskit frameworks. These areas will advance and grow the quantum computing ecosystem in the country. And the IIT Madras researchers will do in-depth or advanced research for such domains relevant to the country.