Importance of Breakfast in a Student’s life
Breakfast in a Student’s life
Breakfast in a Student’s life

It’s said breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but how true is this, is the real question. We are what we eat, but eating at the right time, in the right quantity, and keeping a check on the nutritious count is also a big task, especially with students. During school, every student is an early riser; hence starting the day with a healthy breakfast becomes necessary. In today’s times, everyone is conscious about the importance of eating healthy nutritious meals for living a happy and healthy life. So, right from a small and tender age, kids should be taught how important healthy and natural foods are.

It is the duty of every parent to imbibe the qualities of healthy eating, exercising, and playing right from their school days. Now-a-days even schools have taken some excellent initiatives for providing meals to every student. This also brings students together and builds friendships over food to experience a happy-go-lucky school atmosphere.

Living in such modern times, we can witness the market being constantly flooded with products that promise the best of health and often read the label ‘100 % Organic’. These food products are purchased from different parts of the country and attract and influence the audience. A large quantity of these products are endorsed and promoted through advertisements, magazines and even constantly appearing on the internet while surfing. Students often become prey to this and start demanding for such products. Be it candies or chocolates chips or even ice-cream, it is imperative for parents and school authorities to know completely about the product a student consumes and do the right ‘label-reading’.

That’s why providing students with food that is locally produced with no harmful pesticides and techniques and insurances no added preservatives is the best choice. Eating what grows close to you is best for health, because the climatic conditions and weather differ from country-to-country and also region-to-region. When people tend to buy food that is from some other country, it is often observed that it doesn’t suit their body type and they start either putting on weight or losing it. This happens because the temperature and climatic condition in which the food is grown and produced is not the same as their own country. Hence, it is imperative to understand and learn about the food we consume.

Here are some of the breakfast options that students can opt for starting their day.

  • A glass of Milk is the perfect start to the day. Adding some crushed almonds to that makes it healthier and adds some flavor too. Mostly kids love milk and a hot glass to gulp in the morning gives them the much-needed energy boost.
  • Some kids don’t prefer milk early in the morning so a handful of nuts to start with, is also a good option. Nuts are very healthy and nutritious and soaked almonds is a good choice in the morning.
  • A healthy drink is a must in the morning, be it coconut water or fresh juice it gives instant energy in the morning.
  • This is followed by a wholesome meal which varies from taste-to-taste. Food items like dosa and idlis or upma and poha are quite popular among all kids. These are filling, tasty and also not so heavy. Kids also love eating pancakes and waffles with some fruit and maple syrup toppings once in a while let’s say on a Sunday.
  • Sandwiches are also a delicious option, adding some patty filled with loads of veggies or even some meat according to one’s preference and topping it up with cheese makes it a good wholesome meal.

Listed above are few options, but again there are many more that one can add according to taste and diet. Today’s students are tomorrow adults and as the saying goes ‘health is wealth’, it is important to look after one’s health.     


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