In OECD Countries, Indians are the Second Largest Cohort of an International Students
OECD Countries

According to the OECD report, “In some of the world’s developed economies, Indians represent the second largest cohort of international students, and the cohort is ‘overrepresented robustly’ in STEM subjects, especially engineering.”

The count of international students in the USA studying STEM subjects during 2017-18 has been compared with Chinese students. And in the comparison report, it has been observed that Indian students’ shares were substantially more like in the USA; 79 per cent of Indian students are pursuing their higher education, whereas Chinese students’ share was 45 per cent in the following year.

Similarly, Indian students were represented in many other OECD countries. Accordingly, in 2021, in Germany, three large groups of international students have been enrolled in the engineering field.

Among all other international students, 66 per cent of Indian students were constituted, and the percentage of Indian students surpasses students who all accounted for up to 50 per cent.

In the analysis of the over-representation of Indian students in the STEM field, the report enlightens several factors that Indian students have considered before heading foreign for their higher education.