Increase in Demand of Med Lab Technicians
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Medical laboratory technicians specialize in assisting physicians in diagnosis process as well as treatment of various diseases by performing tests on blood, tissues and other body fluids. Medical lab technicians are found mostly in the hospitals or with the doctors’ in their offices.

According to the latest positive information from India, they will be a big change in the growth of Medical sector in India. This change is going to provide opportunities to the students who are not able to achieve their dream in M.B.B.S or nursing, but really want to pursue a career in medicine. The introduction of Med Lab will be the next choice for the student and thereby providing an increase in the number of opportunities in the medical industry.

Med Lab is offered at diploma and bachelor’s level, of which the Bachelor’s program is to last for three years, plus one year of internship. If you are a student and have a good background in science, then you will be having the opportunity to take up diploma courses with the duration of two years, “DMLT”. The main objective of introducing this curse is to provide an efficient and balanced training in the field of lab technology and will prepare the students for the clinical profession.

The responsibilities of the Lab Technicians include diagnosing, treating and preventing disease through the clinical laboratory. The study is based on the areas such as clinical chemistry, blood banking, hematology, microbiology, immunology, phlebotomy, cytotechnology, urine analysis, parasitology, coagulation, blood sample matching, serology and drug efficacy test.

There is much complexity in the course, and this has caused expansion in the scope over the years. Medical technology in India has various fields like CT scan technicians, laboratory technicians, anesthesia technicians, X-ray technicians, MRI technicians, Operation theater technicians, dental machines, pathology technicians, plaster technicians, optical laboratory, physiotherapy technicians, radiology technicians, and renal dialysis.

With exception of lab opportunities, you have the freedom to pursue courses in research or get into other education lines. With your certificate and knowledge as Medical lab technician, you can find a job in hospitals, research labs, medical pathology labs, pharmaceuticals, and urologists’ office.

Many people have reported not being able to clear medical entrance exams, but got the opportunity to venture into health through Med lab, for example; Malu started a career as a lab technologist because she couldn’t clear the medical entrance exam. She had a very big interest in medicine and her dream came true in Med Lab.

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