Indian Cyber Security Solutions: Training the Next Generation Guardians of the Cyber Space
Indian Cyber Security

Towards the end of 2010, the demand for cybersecurity services across the globe was growing significantly. Due to lack of awareness and proper planning, most organizations fell prey to malicious cyberattacks and data breaches which resulted in huge losses for these organizations monetarily.

This was the time when Mr Abhishek Mitra and his team initiated a plan to setup their organization and share their precious knowledge to bridge the gap which the industry was facing back then. Thus, Indian Cyber Security Solutions (ICSS) was established in 2013 as a unit of Green Fellow IT Security Solutions Pvt. Ltd., as an organization to fulfil the needs and demands of technology-oriented support and cyber protection across the world.

In the beginning, ICSS was solely focused on providing cyber-security services to its clients by providing all sorts of solutions and protecting them from the manifold cyberattacks they were exposed to in their day-to-day activities. But as the days went by, the company began sharing its knowledge and expertise by conducting training programs in the field of cybersecurity and risk management.

Mission and Vision

If you observe the current situation in India, the use smartphones and other digital equipment are doubling in numbers every year. With the introduction of programmes such as “Digital India” it was observed that there was a sharp rise in the number of cyber breaches in India. Due to this many foreign and domestic multinationals started allocating a huge share of their investment for cybersecurity in India.

With this advantage, ICSS has set up an aim to provide the necessary protection to corporate agencies and organizations, simultaneously providing education and awareness among individuals who have a keen interest in gaining knowledge and expertise in the field of cybersecurity.

In a nutshell, ICSS’ main mission is to make sure that your data remains absolutely protected, safe and barren from any unauthorized access from hackers and/or intruders. The vision lies not only in guarding against the safety concerns of those highly technically oriented companies but also in making India, rather Digital India to be more precise, hackproof by its constant endeavours.

With this broad vision in sight, the company is striving forward leaving no stone unturned to organize the bottom for a secure cyber world in order that the succeeding generation is free from the scourge of cybercrime and criminals.

“Our vision also encompasses dispersing the notice of cybercrime, its security as we believe that it is due to ignorance and negligence that cyber security has undergone a shattering blow within the present IT world scenario,” commented the Founder and CEO, Mr Abhishek Mitra.

Training Tech Wizards

ICSS has always delivered a unique approach while training individuals by using methods such as students getting trained by trainers who are industry experts, hands-on training with separate lab sessions, live projects where the skills are being tested at an extreme level, an interaction with industry professionals, placement assistance programs where a student will be assisted so that he or she can crack a job interview. On the other hand, that student is also offered an internship program where he or she can serve ICSS as an intern and get a chance to earn a certificate. This greatly helps the individual to gain experience, expertise, and confidence before joining a multinational.

The Academic Offerings

ICSS’ courses have been categorized into several parts, starting from diploma course where various types of diplomas are offered, such as – diploma in cybersecurity, diploma in machine learning, diploma in advanced cybersecurity, diploma in network security, diploma in web security, diploma in advanced cloud and networking, diploma in cloud infrastructure management. Different non-diploma courses like SOC analyst, ethical hacking professional, pen-testing, CISSP training, bug bounty training, CCNA and CCNP, python, machine learning, data science, and cloud computing with Azure and AWS.

ICSS provides both online and offline training where sessions are recorded and uploaded online on the web for students and can be accessed for a lifetime. These recorded sessions and other Q&A sessions arranged by ICSS helps an individual greatly while tackling difficulties regarding the particular topic and brings out the best in them.

Providing the Best Facilities for Training

ICSS provides hands-on practice to its trainees with 100% lab-based classes, as it believes that knowledge is key to everything but that can only be gained with the practicality of a given situation. Individuals can take the advantage of an education loan at a 0% interest rate. A 25% scholarship is also recommended to students who have acquired 90% or above marks in board exams. Training is done by industry experts with at least five years of hands-on experience with lifetime access to video tutorials and online and offline recorded sessions.

Indian Cyber Security Solutions, from its foundation, has been nominated and won several business and educational credits, one the most notable ones being the ‘10 Most Promising Cyber Security Training Institutes – 2020’.

The Astute Leader

The organization was founded by Mr Abhishek Mitra, who is currently the CEO, with around 8-10 years of experience under his belt in the field of cyber security and threat scrutiny. He has around 5-10 years of experience working with different cyber-crime departments, including the cyber-cell Kolkata (India) in solving cyber threats. Currently, along with being listed in the Business Insider as one the most influential businessmen in India, Mr Mitra has been covered in several news channels across the country. His corporate journey was given coverage by ‘Startup India 2021’.

Under his guidance, ICSS has not only survived but faced the least resistance during the Covid-19 pandemic, as he has never shied away from any kind of opportunity. His dedication and ideas can be traced by the tool made by his team named Margdarshak which was found effective while protecting ICSS from phishing attacks.

Enduring Hardships

Since the beginning of the pandemic, ICSS has seen a lot of ups and downs. But when it comes to daily duties, it has guided itself with the right approach by following the guidelines given by the government, by taking the isolation seriously, and by conducting its daily activities virtually including the training programmes.

When asked about the challenges faced by ICSS, Mr Mitra replied, “We faced challenges when our students were unwilling to continue online classes. We had to convince them with one-to-one sessions which helped them greatly for which we applaud the trainers who made it happen. In today’s date, it’s nothing new to have work done virtually thanks to seamless internet connectivity.”

Aspiring for a Bright Future

ICSS is currently located in Bengaluru and Kolkata, where they can conduct offline as well as online classes for individuals from the rest of the cities. The institute is currently open only for online sessions, where the faculty are also targeting to set up their centres post-pandemic, and by doing so, they are expecting to deliver their best educational resources to the masses.

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