Institution of Industrial Design & Technology: Unleashing Endless Opportunities through Career-Oriented Approach
Institution of Industrial Design & Technology

Some individuals are self-driven to learn new things and explore new ideas. Still others look into the success stories of others and get motivated to learn hard. Again, there are two types of stories that will inspire people, one of a person from rags to riches or one of a commoner like many of us, who eventually succeeds in finding the dream job or the dream life he or she has always wished for.

The below-mentioned story of Vishal Dalvi will get you thinking and inspire you to never -give up. The reason why it is inspiring is that it is related to many of us, commoners, or all those who are in pursuit of a job that brings out their true potential, challenges or inspires one to be the best version of themselves.  His quest landed him at Institution of Industrial Design & Technology (IIDT), a place known for turning out first-rate students.  He had enrolled here online through its website. A Mechanical Draughtsman, he was looking for a stable field where his financial requirements will be met.

Upon analyzing his profile, the team at IIDT recognized that his training was not sufficient from a technical point of view, as professional jobs require more detailing. Also, his financial constraints restricted him from acquiring advanced technical skills. IIDT later nurtured Vishal through its personalized consultations and training, conducted induction on technical questions, mock interviews, basic level presentation skills & helped him even to build his resume.

Soon after that, Vishal was recruited by one of the MNCs, APC India. This landed him at a job that truly appreciated his skills, talents and his zeal to continuously evolve and learn. Not long after it, his professional growth was accompanied by his personal growth. The recruiters of APC India even issued an appreciation letter to IIDT for helping them hire a zealous, persistent and skilled employee.  While Vishal is marching towards his dream life, his persistence and continued zeal to learn and improve himself are applaudable.

The number of accolades students, individuals, and IIDT has received is commendable. IIDT is truly an academically elite skill-development institution. But the question here is, just how elite is the Institution of Industrial Design & Technology.

Serving a Purpose

Founded in 2014, IIDT provides advanced engineering training courses and placement support to non-experienced students. Starting as just a mere training institute, IIDT has evolved as India’s leading institution in space of advanced engineering. This growth of IIDT has been possible due to its qualitative placement records, practically orientated training courses & best service support after training.

However, it does not quite clearly explain why should one choose IIDT. Before we talk about its distant features, let us dig into the purpose behind founding this institute. This leads us to the thought and idea of Mr. Ashish Thorat, Founder & CEO of IIDT. Ideas become great only when one puts it into action and this is exactly what Mr. Ashish did. His quest to change the conventional educational norms and persistence in wanting everyone to have access to education persuaded him to build IIDT.
He observed that in India, multiple universities do not have facilities to practice engineering study for their students and also lack qualified faculties. He also believes that there is a huge gap between practical education & theoretical education. “We are trying to bridge these two things with our educational products. We want to connect with universities which offer engineering courses to give them access to practice engineering study and placement support through internships & apprenticeship,” he comments.

But, the breakthrough moment or events that led Mr. Ashish to conceptualize IIDT was his past experiences. A mechanical engineering graduate himself, Mr. Ashish was looking for a job that would match his skills and talents of a technologist. While he was applying for a job that suited his profile, he faced many rejections. Either the organizations rejected him for his lack of experience, practical skill or due to his academic qualification.

So, this trap was unending until I learnt to flip the process by doing more than expected & in an efficient way. I faced issues while I was doing some Advanced training with the hope of a better future in the engineering profession; that time institute who provides those courses were not focused on its practical area. They were just focused on the theory part which can not be understood until you learn it properly. That was the moment, I decided to concentrate on the practicality of any study. That was the moment when I conceptualized IIDT,” asserts Mr. Ashish.

The Area of Expertise

NDT is a set of non-invasive techniques used for quality assurance, materials evaluation and asset integrity management. Common NDT techniques include Ultrasound, Xray, Visual training etc.

There are basically 3 levels in NDT Certification.

  • Level I for beginners (8th Std Candidates to 12th Std Candidates)
  • Level II for Professionals (HSC with good understanding & observation skills/Diploma/Degree Engineering Professionals)
  • Level III for Experts (NDT Level II with at least 3 years of experience from same industry)

IIDT provides all the aforesaid certification courses along with CSWIP Welding Inspector, AWS Welding Inspector, API Certifications, Piping Design & Engg. HVAC Design & Engg, Product Design & Development etc. It also offers more than 30+ certification courses related to mechanical & civil engineering.

Why choose IIDT? 

The competition in the professional world is increasing drastically and the ones who stay abreast of the changing world will only lead. This is where IIDT comes in., It believes that one of the major reasons for individuals not finding a job that suits their caliber is because of the lack of industry experience and industry knowledge. The main reason behind this is the theoretical knowledge they gain in colleges instead of practical. “Current scenario of engineering students is not in good state. Engineering institutions don’t have expert, the syllabus is not updated from the last edition which was 25 years back. They don’t get placed in good companies. Companies can’t afford their basic salary expectations due to the diluted situation of engineering professionals. Our solution is very simple; to provide training as per industrial requirements & standards, place them to Medium scale industries, track their industrial experience & then offer them to switch to a bigger employer,” comments Mr. Ashish.

Realizing the aforesaid, IIDT emphasizes developing the practical skills of the students. It engages students in various activities so that they can discover their true potential. It gives more focus on problem-based  & solution-based learning. In problem-based learning, students find out different aspects of the problem to offer solution effectively and in solution-based learning, they engage in the betterment of the system, to make it more efficient.  Its approach is to learn from the problem at hand so that any potential problems can be eliminated.

Sketching the Path for Students

So, what happens once you graduate from IIDT.  Any graduate of IIDT is prepared to take on the increasing demands of this globalized world. Coupled with practical study, internship, placement opportunities, the student-centric curricula of IIDT has been designed to help students find their potential. “We focus more on matching our courses with the current industrial requirements. That is the only way to place the right talent for our clients. We usually tailor our course content as per industry trends & technical requirements for the role. Due to this approach, our placement record of every quarter is always higher”, asserts Mr. Ashish.

Empowering and Enhancing Education

Since its inception in 2014, the growth of IIDT has been gradual but phenomenal. Its superlative outcomes are the result of continuous evolution, growth, and change. “We have learned a lot in all these years from various perceptive. We tailored some new courses for product design & development which will help students not only get a job as a product designer but also evolve as an entrepreneur by creating their own stream of products,” says Mr. Ashish.

Having established its reputation as the finest in the country, IIDT is now working towards building India’s & probably Asia’s First Augmented Reality (AR) based lab where students can learn in a totally different way. AR will help to give deeper subject learning & understanding of all fundamental aspects. There is a thin line between learning & studying. IIDT wants to erase that thin line by its unique and tech-savvy way of teaching in engineering education.

Our goal is to make IIDT as an global level institution with better facilities to help students achieve their goals without getting trapped in the financial setback. Also, we want to provide better service by spreading franchises at PAN India Level. And to create some beautiful products for a better future,” comments Mr. Ashish, when asked about his plans for IIDT in future.

I really want to take IIDT at the international market & set an example of where ideas meet engineering, where students can relearn the same concepts in a different way, where they will rebuild their portfolio of career.” 

While staying focused on the aforesaid, the institute also plans on working on a new project, Project Ed-Adalante . The aim of this project is to give access to education for underprivileged children. “We are now gathering data & doing market research for the project. This kind of projects needs dedicated team of educators & support of funds. We are alternately also looking for potential visionary long-term investors. We don’t want to scrap this concept due to unavailability of funds & team,” concludes Mr. Ashish.

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