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Learning a new language is always challenging, but polishing the already known ones can be exciting and rewarding. Here we are listing some Intensive English Programs offered by different universities which can be taken up by those aspirants who are fluent but still want to improve their proficiency in the English Language. Most of these courses are nominally priced. They are offered throughout the year and as per the comfort of the students enrolled.

Rice University

For those who are camped near Houston, Rice University offers the opportunity to learn English for seven weeks, five times a week, four hours daily. This also happens to suit those who are employed and are looking for some productive activity to enhance their skills.

Study Dallas Fort Worth

Owned by reputed universities like Texas Christian University, University of Texas at Arlington, South Methodist University (Dallas), University of North Texas (Denton) and Dallas Baptist University (Irving), Study Dallas Worth is a group of intensive English language program. They offer a variety of Intensive English Language courses.

Bilingual Education Institute

They offer an option to either opt for seven week long program or for the 16 month long program. Under Bilingual Education Institute, you have the option to either opt for the morning session or for the afternoon session.

Study Texas

Similar to Study Dallas Fort Worth, this group is also owned by renowned universities across the state of Texas. They offer programs such as Business English, English for Academic purposes, English for Postgraduates, English for Professionals, English for Specific Purposes Programs, English Language (ESL), English Language Programs, IELTS in the USA, Intensive English, Summer Intensive English, TESOL and Teacher Training and TOEFL and Test Preparation.

The University of Texas at Austin

Here students have the option to select two distinctive course programs. One is English Language Program (ELP) and the other is Academic Language Program (AEP). The duration of the sessions is drafted in the most flexible manner. There are some sessions that last for five weeks, while some sessions last for 10 or 15 weeks. Students can also sign up for different session durations as per their comfort.

All the above programs are exclusively offered by the University of Texas or by the institutes in the vicinity. Students are hereby requested to take proper precautions before enrolling for any one of them.

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