International CHEF’S DAY
International CHEF’S DAY

“Healthy food for the Future” is the campaign for this year’s “International WORLD CHEF’S DAY”.

So what can we do?
What can we do as chefs, professionals, teachers and providers of food in hotels or restaurants?

It is time to use our innovation and creativity including nutrition and eating habits.
It is time to teach our guests good habits and healthy lifestyles.
It is time to decode nutrition and make it understandable for everyone.

Nutritionists and Chefs should join hands and make a move forward to a healthier future.
We have to learn and understand our products and come back to the table for food, take time to eat and eat in family.

Healthy food does not necessarily have to be more expensive, but healthy food will make you enjoy your own body during all your life.

Sebastian Breitinger


M. Salgaocar Institute of International Hospitality
Educati Manora – Raia, Salcete, Goa, India. 403720 Fax – +91(0832)-6623111 +91(0832)-6623000, 6623001, 9822807814

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