International School of Los Angeles: Educating Youngsters for the Modern World!
International School of Los Angeles
International School of Los Angeles

Out of all the cities in the world, Los Angeles stands out collectively for many things. The city’s cultural, economic, and social impact on the world amidst this global internationalized culture is enormous.

Historically, Los Angeles offers some of the finest communities in the world. A free city that has been home to some of the most prominent artists in the world, such as the likes of legendary author Raymond Chandler and other performers that captured the magic of Hollywood.

Apart from that, the city of Los Angeles boasts a diverse population from all corners of the world. With more than 90 languages being spoken in the city, diversity is welcomed with open arms.

With such a diverse population residing in the city of dreams, the culture is certainly international. Recognizing the need to offer an education and to cater to these varied cultures, the International School of Los Angeles was established in 1978.

Today, the school has grown into a truly international school; recognized by some of the leading international curricula, the school aims to educate people with varied backgrounds for the growing globalization.

So, let’s dive deep to learn more about one of the leading American schools.

The Genesis Story

Unlike the story of any other international school, the story of the International School of Los Angeles is quite different and interesting. Highlighting some of the major takeaways of the school’s inception, the school management says, “The International School of Los Angeles was established in 1978 by visionaries of varied cultural backgrounds who felt that the Los Angeles community needed a school which would prepare children for life in an increasingly international environment. Because the majority of the founders had French backgrounds, they chose the proven French educational system as the foundation for our curriculum.”

“Since its inception, our school has continually evolved. We’ve grown out of the very first campus – a small house in Van Nuys with seven students – to four formal campuses with over 1,000 students. The International School of Los Angeles has earned an esteemed reputation with the placement of graduates in top universities all over the world,” the school management further adds.

On a Visionary Mission

Being a truly non-profit independent international school committed to bilingual education and academic excellence in a nurturing environment, the International School of Los Angeles is dedicated to educating the future for an ever-changing world. Stating and explaining their mission, the school management says, “Our mission is to develop bilingual critical thinkers who are open-minded, confident, and caring, and equipped to thrive in a diverse, competitive world.”

“We offer a preschool through 12th-grade curriculum that culminates in the French baccalauréat or the International Baccalaureate®’s Diploma Programme,” the school management further adds.

Other than that, the school has also anchored the delivery of its vision and mission in each and every member of the school community to uphold the values of respect, excellence, and diversity.

Society Influencing School

The International School of Los Angeles, since its establishment in 1978, has had a noticeable impact on the city and the world of education. Apart from educating a diverse student body, the school also welcomes some of the finest academic minds from around the world, making the school’s environment truly an international one.

Emphasizing the offerings of the school and how the school sets itself apart from other Los Angeles independent schools, the school management says, “The International School of Los Angeles stands out in the education space in offering a bilingual French-English curriculum culminating in one of two rigorous academic credentials, the French baccalauréat or the International Baccalaureate®’s Diploma Programme. Now recognized as one of the most academically challenging private high schools in the United States, the International School of Los Angeles continues its long commitment to academic excellence and small class sizes.”

“The school meets the needs of highly motivated students and equips them with the skills needed to thrive and lead wherever their paths may take them,” the school management further added.

Overcoming Challenges as the Landscape Evolves

Every school in its history has faced challenges. And the secret to overcoming these challenges has been the continuous process of moving ahead. Talking about how the school is dealing with its own challenges, the school management says, “Our School is unique in that we are one school with four campuses across the cities of Los Angeles and Pasadena. These challenges can arise in maintaining a consistent identity. However, we are proud of our tight-knit community that can exist across multiple locations while still remaining true to our core values.”

Cultivating a Skill-based Community

In this modern world where 21st-century skills hold a very important role in student’s growth and development, the school has initiated several programs to instill modern skills in students.

The school management explains how the school prepares its students by equipping them with a unique skillset: “As a school that teaches a French-English curriculum, we equip our students with bilingualism, which is an invaluable tool in an ever-changing world. In offering two of the most rigorous academic credentials, the French Baccalauréat and the International Baccalaureate®’s Diploma Programme, the school fosters critical thinking and allows students to pursue their next steps in the knowledge that they are prepared to thrive.”

A Holistic Approach to Educational Growth

This world aims to educate students in an environment that develops them and makes them ready for the world. Following a holistic approach to education, the school has initiated various developmental programs across its four locations: “All of our campuses are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to allow our students to flourish in their education and personal growth. Three campuses cater to our younger students at the elementary level, while our middle school and high school campus in Burbank provides our older students with the space to excel academically and in extra-curricular activities. Each campus boasts a unique personality and an abundance of outdoor space.”

Awards and Achievements

  • 100% pass rate for French Baccalauréat students, with 79% of students earning honors.
  • 95% pass rate for IB® diploma students (compared to 286% for the Northern Hemisphere), with 44% obtaining the bilingual diploma (compared to 28% for the Northern Hemisphere).
  • Although beyond our formal curriculum, 78 students, of their own volition, participated in 148 AP exams in 2022, resulting in 14 AP Scholars, 2 AP Scholars with Honors, and 3 AP Scholars with Distinction.
  • Of the class of 2022, 56% of students received 40 acceptances from the Top 100 Global Universities (US News & World Report).

A Comprehensive Education Program for Maximum Student Engagement

The International School of Los Angeles offers a comprehensive after-school activities program and many athletic programs. Experiences in these environments allow the students to build camaraderie and teamwork skills that will serve them holistically throughout their education and beyond.

Further explaining this comprehensive program adopted at the school, the school management says, “Additionally, the middle and high school student body has created a wide array of student-led clubs and initiatives, ranging from sharing passions to service learning and community involvement. We believe fostering a sense of leadership and involvement within our student body is important. In alignment with our Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLRs), student-run clubs optimize a space in which students can be active learners, effective communicators, productive individuals, and active problem solvers who are involved with their school community and beyond.”

“Through proposals and weekly progress reports, club leaders and participants learn how to manage and organize their time and resources to effectively reach their goals, all while having fun!” the school management further adds.

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