International Students’ Ongoing Contributions to the UK Post-Graduation
International Students

A recent report, the International Graduate Outcomes 2024, published by UUKi and QS on May 23, highlights the enduring financial, cultural, and intellectual benefits that international students bring to the UK even after they graduate or return to their home countries. The report emphasizes that a significant number of international graduates who choose to stay in the UK play a crucial role in filling skills gaps, particularly in healthcare and education sectors.

While international students are initially attracted to the UK for its renowned universities, the report underscores the need for enhanced career support for graduates remaining in the UK or returning home. Jessica Turner, QS CEO, stresses the importance of recognizing the substantial contributions international students make to the educational sector and the broader UK economy, urging a shift in the narrative away from immigration debates.

The report, coinciding with the government’s response to the MAC’s endorsement of the Graduate Route, aims to guide the sector and government in identifying areas for improvement to better support and integrate international students. Drawing insights from over 10,000 international graduates from 37 UK universities, the report reveals that a significant portion of respondents continue to reside in the UK post-graduation, contributing to various sectors such as SMEs, healthcare, education, and UK business interests.

Notably, the report showcases the positive impact of the Graduate Route visa holders on the UK economy, dispelling misconceptions about financial losses. It highlights the strong connections these graduates maintain with their first employers, their satisfaction with job roles, and their inclination to engage with the UK in the future, bolstering the country’s long-term competitiveness. The majority of respondents express a desire to contribute to the UK’s economy, particularly in sectors like education and healthcare, where skills shortages are prevalent. This underscores the vital role international graduates play in addressing workforce gaps and fostering economic growth in the UK.

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