Inventateq: Steering the Youth towards Lucrative Career Opportunities

What is it that has changed to the Gen Z? Why has it become necessary for students to prepare for the New Machine Age with alacrity?

Born after 1996 on the following the millennials, the Generation Z is about to enter the workforce. Thus, their ability to adapt to an automated workplace will likely determine their success.

Alongside the increasing number of science and engineering degrees, soft skills such as intellectual insight, flexibility, intuition and creativity have become necessary to compete with machines that are growing technically more proficient.

As the new era of machines and technological advancements take off in 2020, only students who are highly accomplished in the new technologies, will find jobs. Cloud computing, algorithms, automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) have emerged as the next generation technologies wherein high quality jobs will replace existing ones.

These innovations are going to dominate businesses and college curricula because jobs will be polarized on advances in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and Internet of Things. These requirements heighten the need for students to be trained in new machine age tools, critical thinking, and soft skills.

From learning new computer languages to corporate culture, Inventateq, the Online Marketing Company helps students and professionals take steps in the right direction.

Inventateq is on a mission to prepare students who can take on the challenges they will face in today’s job market as the advanced technology will soon replace humans and things that earlier required human intervention.

A Distinguished Platform

Inventateq, is a hub for tech talent for global companies. Its students not only possess tech talent but also exhibit leadership traits. These two factors are the most crucial attributes desired by any global company.

The organization imparts training to students in some of the most sought-after Big Data, Data Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) and cyber security courses. Inventateq has become a lead organization operating in the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore and in Chennai.

It provides students the best-of-class technology equipping them with skills, which in turn could keep them in good stead when they start to work.

It strives to inculcate students with the knowledge that may help them in the IT industry as SEO Specialists, DevOps Specialists, Web-Designers, Data Science, Amazon Web Service Experts and many more roles.

Insights into the Nature of Work

The organization follows a personalized learning approach intended to facilitate the academic success of each student. At first, it determines the learning needs, interests, and aspirations of individual students, and then provides learning experiences that are customized to the interests of each student.

The guides and counselors, and other educational specialists employ a wide variety of educational methods, by intentionally cultivating strong and trusting student-teacher relationship.

It has maximum of eight students in each classroom so that they could get ample opportunity within the class to get one-on-one instruction from the Professionals. They have more than 10 years of industrial experience. Additionally, the trainers give an opportunity to try and experience the real word scenarios. The organization provides:

  • Resume Preparation Support
  • Interview training with recent question asked (Mock Interview)
  • 2 Mock exams
  • Forward Resume to the companies
  • 1 Online Demo Class before Joining

Inventaeq believes that, “every student is special and unique. They are required one-to-one attention in the classroom, i.e., all this queries and confusion should be solved at the moment and we strongly work on that”. The professionals train them with theoretical details of the subject and provide them the experience of the Real-life Projects in class which makes them stand out of the crowd.

Job Prospects

The new machine age is emerging as an area with abundance of opportunities for students. Inventateq has produced many jewels in its journey offering numerous job opportunities.

Inventateq offers job assurance and conducts mock interviews to keep the students updated about the market. During Mock Interviews the students are trained with latest interview questionnaire and provide them with the answers. Its placement team provides job opportunities and organizes interviews until they get placed in IT companies. It enables students to boost their career prospects.

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