Invictus International School: Nurturing Students in an Innovative and Inspiring Way

The school provides simple, focused and affordable education which empowers all learners and encourages them to be active, independent participants in the learning process.

Singapore-based Invictus International School emphasizes learning time and potential to support student growth and progress. As an inclusive school, Invictus proudly welcomes students of all nationalities, races, and creeds. Invictus International School is a CPE registered Private Education Institution.

About the Head of the School

Alan Duncombe Campbell, the Principal at Invictus International School, hails from South Africa and brings more than three decades of extensive experience as an educator.

Campbell joined Invictus at a time of great expansion and growth, and has brought the stabilizing force that comes with his extensive experience in headmaster positions.

As a school we strive to recognize each child’s special gifts and attributes while developing self – discipline, independence and responsibility, while respecting individuality and diversity of all.”

The Journey of Invictus

The journey of Invictus began in November 2015 when two experienced technology entrepreneurs came together to create a forward-looking, affordable international school which would serve the expatriate community. The idea of founding Invictus came when John Fearon discovered how high the cost of international education was in Singapore for his children. He and his Co-founders put together a team of experienced educators and built the CPE registered school using the International Primary Curriculum, Singapore Mathematics, Jolly Phonics and a Mandarin curriculum of its own design.

In June 2017, Invictus moved from Bukit Merah Central to the greener campus at Dempsey Hill. Invictus’s Loewen Road campus is set in an historic black and white building tucked in to the jungle of Dempsey Hill. The school’s approach towards the education is simple: high quality teachers, with a 1:25 student to teacher ratio, in a rich natural environment.

Offering well-rounded education with community based Resources

Invictus keeps tuition affordable by utilizing resources in the area. Through an agreement with the neighboring swimming school, Swish, Invictus students engage in focused swimming lessons as part of physical education without driving up the cost of tuition.

To support children who are pulling ahead or falling behind in class, Invictus offers over 35 after school (extra-curricular) activities. The academics are taught by Invictus International Teachers, and cover topics such as Phonics, Maths, Reading, Writing, Advanced Mandarin and Spelling. Invictus also offers athletic courses such as Multisport, Aikido, Gymnastics Football, Ballet, Yoga and Swimming. After school activities on Lego robotics, coding, piano, Fun Science, and Spanish are also offered.

State-of-the-Art Curriculum Taught by International Teachers

Invictus teaches the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), which is a thematic and creative way of teaching. The IPC allows the teachers to plan lessons that engage students in subjects surrounding the unit of focus. Instead of learning subjects such as History, Geography, Science, and Social Studies separately students engage with each subject as it relates to an interesting topic.

Invictus International is one of the few international schools in Singapore that teaches the Singapore Mathematics Curriculum. Singapore Maths focuses on fewer topics with the intent of learning them thoroughly to mastery before moving on. In this way, the understanding is deep and can be applied in new and different situations instead of constantly being relearned at a basic level. The core purpose is to craft critical thinkers and problem solvers.

The school offers a Mandarin program which is developed in-house with the goal of obtaining useable language skills. Through the three (hour-long) Mandarin lessons each week, students are challenged to develop the practical skills to help them order in a restaurant, navigate a travel situation, and immerse themselves in the Singapore culture. Mandarin courses are taught by native speakers, who are experienced in teaching children at different levels within the classroom.

For English Language, Invictus teaches phonics, grammar, and spelling using Jolly Phonics.  Jolly Phonics is the gold standard of synthetic (blended) phonics and grammar since 1987. Jolly Phonics first teaches the letter sounds and then builds up to blending these sounds together to achieve full pronunciation of whole words.

Because Invictus offers a rigorous curriculum in a 1:25 student to teacher environment, Invictus emphasizes the importance of the assessment component of their admissions process. Students who apply for the school must sit for an in-person assessment, designed to ensure that children will thrive in the Invictus learning environment.

“Words of Trust”

“What I love most about Invictus is the Math lessons. We are given a very clear way of learning the topic, and then I can also be creative and think of the other ways to solve problems. I think learning this way makes Math fun.” – Shya, Grade 6

“Going to Invictus, I love being able to swim as part of PE. We learn our school work in the classroom, but it’s nice that we get to do other activities, and not only be inside all day. I love swimming!”- Eluthera, Grade 3

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