Is VFX Animation Course A Good Career Option?

“Visual Effects” or “Visual FX” or “VFX” is an ability to insert artificial, false, or animated images or computer-generated graphics over raw shots of a real film shoot. Usually, VFX is utilized when the script demands inflated yet realistic action, the building of situations or environment and characters, etc., that would otherwise be unfeasible to simulate.

As a VFX animator, the following are the different roles you are expected to fulfill:

  • Budgeting: Basis the client’s budget, you need to design the visual effects such that the end product is complete. Alternatively, you are expected to give an estimate based on the client’s requirements.
  • Planning: Plan high-quality visual effects based on the budget as well as the client’s requirement
  • Conceptualization: Come up with unique concepts and then plan and design the requisite visual effects.
  • Coordination & Collaboration: Excellent networking skill is required to collaborate & coordinate with various stakeholders such as producers, artists, directors, supervisors, etc., in addition to various departments.
  • Organization:You are required to finalize meetings as well as communicate requisite information effectively to various departments so as to ensure the timely completion of projects.
  • Editing:You are expected to work with the editorial department so as to handle the edit

On completion of the VFX animation course, the following are a few of the profiles that you can tap:

  • Animator: Animators rely on their artistic as well as technical skills to come up with concepts. He then works in 2D, 3D model-making, stop-frame, or computer-generated animation to create content that can be used in games, films, digital mediums, as well as tv shows.
  • Game Designer: He conceives, ideates, designs, and develops the mechanics of the game. He also is required to collaborate with various departments such as audio, programming, testing, etc. Besides this, he also needs to build various levels and also ensure that the game is regularly updated.
  • Web Designers: Basis the client’s brief, the web designers plan, conceptualize, code, and construct websites in a language that is not only open to update but also runs on various platforms. Additionally, he needs to ensure its proper maintenance as well as appropriate user experience.
  • Rigging or Texture Artist: You are not only responsible for creating digital skeletons for 3D computer-generated characters but also giving them a personality, building their movement, giving it a face, emotions, etc., such that they seem as lifelike as possible.
  • VFX Producers: You are required to manage the whole process of VFX from conceptualization to its final execution as per the budgets.
  • VFX artists: Using the latest technology, they are responsible for the seamless integration of computer-generated elements and digitally generated imagery with live-action. They are much sought after in films, online and television, as well as the gaming industry.
  • Concept Artists: Concept artist is in great demand for any projects that require visual storytelling for they use their creative skills to visualize a concept, sketch the images of characters, creatures, places, worlds, etc. that don’t yet exist to not only explain the concept but also for building animation.

With so many opportunities and exciting fields, it will be foolhardy to miss a prospect to join the VFX animation course.

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