Islamic Child Development Center: Where Spirituality and Education Perfectly Align
Islamic Child Development Center

Early age learning has retained its importance throughout the course of time. The developmental aspects of early age education play a prominent role in the holistic growth of a child. The inclusion of knowledge pertaining to religion and related studies, aids the progress of a student in the right direction.

Considering the importance of preschool education, the Knowledge Review presents to you, Islamic Child Development Center, which specializes in delivering the correct methodology and understanding of academic knowledge to children from age 4 to 5 years old.

ICDC’s vision is to educate and to nurture young learners through a correct methodology in understanding true knowledge, spiritually and physically for this world and hereafter. The school is registered with, PAID HULU LANGAT Certificate of registration: 9S(9)25/71; Town Municipal (Majlis Perbandaran Ampang Jaya); Fire Department & Rescue (Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat); Health Department Ampang Jaya (Jabatan Kesihatan Ampang Jaya); and Islamic Department of Selangor (JAIS).

The Islamic Child Development Center is on a mission to provide its students with good values, as well as to show them the correct way, and teach them to follow the values of Islam to socialize, interact and behave with others. The school also aims to support and develop an outstanding curriculum offered in Islamic environment and help students to understand their roles towards their creator, Allah SWT.

ICDC limits the number of student of to a maximum of 15 students per classroom with 1 teacher and 1 assistant teacher. The school believes that the aforesaid number is sufficient in order to get the student to focus and maintain attention.

ICDC envisions cultivating each child’s natural desire to learn, to understand responsibility and cooperation, positive feelings about oneself, others, and the love of the Creator and Islam. Its program focuses on comprehensively developing the child within a thoughtfully designed Islamic Kindergarten environment.

ICDC offers a memorization of Juzz Amma and Qira’ati system, which is carried out in a relaxed atmosphere so the child does not feel stressed to learn and therefore can accomplish more on a daily basis. It is also currently applying ‘Brain Jeem’ as its new method of teaching and learning the rulings of tajweed.

During practical prayers, the boys take turns to be an Imam in the prayer and recite from the surah they had learned. We explain to them to better understand the important of the ‘Saf’ coordination during the prayer.

During the indoor group activities, students learn about team work. They learn about sharing their tools and toys and once they finish they will put the tools away and clean up the premises.

Similarly during outdoor activities, children learn about eye coordination and body balancing. They learn about taking their turn to play and team work with their friends. The activities are aimed at stimulating their minds while having fun at the same time to get a healthy physical stability.

The school also includes one outing trip per year for the students in the program. The objectives of the trip are to expose the students to the real world experiences which is a part of creative learning. It also helps in relieving the feeling of boredom in the classroom every single day and to feel the excitement and fun.

Each student gets a chance to do hands-on activities such as making yogurt from fresh cow’s milk. They get to explore every section in National Science Center. A visit to factories, a tour to animal farm and many are also a part of the nurturing activities that ICDC provides.

At the end of the program, the school organizes a graduation ceremony where the students receive the certificate of completion at ICDC. The students also get an opportunity to share and bring out their talents on the stage with their performance such as reading a story, poem, acting and Quran memorization.

Measurable Development

In Islamic education, the children are able to identify the letters and the sounds through qira ati lessons. Understanding the rulings of the Quran recitation are accomplished (tajweed) using the method of brain jeem. The students inculcate the ability to memorize the whole chapter of Juz Amma by the time they finished 3 years in kindergarten at age 6. Some students can read both English and bahasa melayu book as young as 4 years old.

Mostly 4 years old are able to identify the alphabets, numbers and colors. Most importantly, at 4 they understand the meaning of sharing, taking turn starting to follow rules and instructions. They also memorize prayers(dua) Hadith and Quran.

Among older students 98% of them are able to read alone by the time they finish their 2nd year at 5 years old. At this age they memorize more chapters in Quran, more hadith and prayers. Same goes with 6 year old students. Their writing is much more improvised and precise. The feedback from the parents are positive when it comes to the students’ behavior, especially other than their improvements in academic and religious subjects.

In Accordance with Technology

ICDC envisions introducing and implementing modern methods of technology in seeking out and providing information, to deepen the understanding of the challenges and tribulations faced by Muslims in today’s era. Additionally, the school also strives towards attaining the positive benefits found in other cultures as taught in Islam. ICDC also believes that with technology, students get to view a clear picture visually through live events. The use of the technology also will make teaching and learning process more productive and efficient.

The Approaching Horizon

For Islamic Child Development Center, education is not a business, therefore, it is not targeting how much profits it is going to make in the future, but is most definitely looking forward to strengthen its principles and beliefs towards the creator and to produce more and more students of knowledge with a better understanding.

Currently, the majority at ICDC are the local students and a few International students. The school strongly believes that it could cater to more young learners locally and globally through offline and online education in the near future.

As for the upgrading of infrastructure, ICDC aims to first improve in organizational structures, and focus on improvement of teachers by enhancing their knowledge and skills. The school also envisions upgrading of the facilities such as the teaching tools using current technology to assist the students for a better understanding and to get a better view and perspective.

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