JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore: Revitalizing the Essence of Art
JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore

The art of capturing moments frozen in time has long captivated the human imagination. And with the proliferation of photography education, this art form has become more accessible than ever, transforming from a niche academic field into a mainstream educational pursuit. The journey to this transformative growth has been made possible by the tireless efforts of photography institutes, constantly on the look to keep up with the changing times and evolving technology.

Today, the possibilities for those with an eye for the perfect visual are endless. Media and news organizations clamour for photographers who can capture the essence of their stories, whether on their news channels, newspapers, magazines, or websites. Meanwhile, the demand for artistic photographers who can capture the beauty of landscapes, wildlife, and other similar subjects is ever-present.

Photography has the ability to create a base for a bright future for those with creative ideas and solid technical skills. In the current times, where technical proficiency is highly sought, individuals with technical specialities in photography are in high demand.

So where does one begin their journey towards a glorious future in photography? The answer lies in finding the right institute, one that can act as a stage for budding photographers to showcase their talents and hone their skills. With the right foundation, the possibilities are endless, and the future is bright for those who have a passion for the medium of photography.

The Photography Department at JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore, is one of those places. It commenced its operations in 1999. Over the course of time, the photography industry has witnessed a paradigm shift, and it has adapted to the evolving times. When it started, it used analogue, traversed through the digital medium, and finally landed at the mirrorless medium.

Since its inception, 2200+ students have passed out from the institute. Post the successful completion of the course, some of the alums have gone on to take up photography professionally. In contrast, others have also received global opportunities and have carved a niche for

themselves in this industry. The institute has only grown from strength to strength during these years of operations, and it is great to see students passionate about photography.

Introducing Exemplary Ideas to the World

Good photography comes from great passion, high motivation and the ability to visualize. Photography institutes can be the medium to provide the stage for these ideas of students. The mission of the Photography Department at JD Institute of Fashion Technology is to enable aspirants to conceive exemplary ideas to help them tap into the crevices of their creativity. This leads mere ideas to be conceptualized into a structure which provides a guideline for the execution of a full-fledged visual campaign.

The institute’s vision is to ensure aspirants hold their own forte as image makers for years to come, ensure stability in this medium, and make a difference to themselves and others in the field of art and design. The core values of this institute are fashioned on the concept of providing quality education by being responsible and showing respect to the subject matter.

Common Platform for All

JD Institute of Fashion Technology was started to offer a platform for all aspirants in the field of art, design and media. They are provided with world-class education, amenities and infrastructure to help them reach the pinnacle of their professional journey. Mr Kishore Ramachandra, Photography Chief Mentor, has been instrumental in nurturing the Photography Department to be a sought-after discipline.

His career graph spans over 30+ years, during which he has worked with coveted clients like Toyota Motor Corp, Nikon Japan Inc., Neumann Kaffee Group Germany, TVS Motors, Andtriz Metals Australia, Titan, Westar, HMT, ING, Haworth, Stanley and, Schwarzkopf to name a few, as well as few editorial clients like Society, Bloomberg. He has captured company profiles for Biocon, Honda and DAKS London. Mr Kishore Ramachandra also had the opportunity to photograph – the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, for a French tabloid.

Providing Value-added Education

The principal aim of the institute is to ensure that students can avail value added education from experts and mentors for a nominal fee; hence, the fee is kept to the minimum. The education

ecosystem should be supported for aspirants who want to learn; they should be able to gain experience in this field as a heads-up with exposure from image manufacturers with industry experience. The institute has had a fruitful partnership with Nikon as a technical partner for the last decade, and at present, it is associated with Sony.

Forecasting the Glorious Future of the Industry

When the Photography course and structure were set up at JD Institute of Fashion Technology, only a few institutions offered it as a Diploma or a course. Observing this gap, the Managing Trustee of the institute, Mr Nealesh Dalal and the Director – of South, Ms Sandra Agnes D’Souza, suggested offering a Photography course, wherein they encourage the college to impart education.

During the initial years, convincing the parents that their children would have a future in this field was a challenge as they were sceptical. However, the institute was able to navigate this situation and has never looked back since. As a department and even when one enters the industry, photographers cannot work alone; they need to work in a collaborative and cohesive atmosphere.

Keeping this in mind, it has created a synergy with various departments in JD Institute of Fashion Technology like Makeup, Styling, Fashion, Interior and Jewellery. This provides hands-on expertise to students who can work in conjunction with varied streams, providing them with 360-degree exposure to make them nuanced professionals.

Pat on the Backs

The institute believes in providing students with an all-around educational experience. Apart from in-class activities, the students are provided platforms like JD Design Awards, wherein the students get to understand the complete gamut from design to execution to the show. The students also showcase their work during the photography exhibits at the JD Design Awards; they get to capture the events at the Whitefield Art Collective, Met Gala at the Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce, yearly Goa trips to understand art and design and various other events.

Knowledge Beyond Textbooks and Classrooms

JD Institute of Fashion Technology organizes a yearly Imagination Journey, an international study trip that takes students to London and Paris. The twenty-day learning curve is a creative practice for students to gain global exposure and allows students to soak in the art, culture, architecture, landscape, fashion and lifestyle. The initiative is to help students step outside their comfort zone, look at the world, and gain new perspectives.

Photography is a sensory experience, and the international trip aids students in their personal growth and development of valuable skills with an added boost of confidence. This makes them thoughtful towards other cultures, teaches them how to adjust to new conditions, and is ambiguous.

Secrets to Success

As a prominent institute in this field, JD Institute of Fashion Technology guides students to the pinnacle of their professional careers. Mr Kishore Ramachandra states, “Photography is an experiential process, and one has to be truly involved with the subject and the situation to produce an effective image. It is a method of storytelling through visuals. A structured course with the support of an industry-experienced mentor helps students to navigate through the intricacies of the photography realm.”

“Anyone can take references from online images and recreate them; however, true talent lies in creating original pieces of work. Our advice to photography students would be to remain original in art and design, as originality helps them go a long way. Photography is a visual journey which is a balance of craft and skill and wherein you attain mastery in both rather than being a slave to it,” he continues.

Magnanimous Shift of the Industry

Over the past two decades, the photography industry has undergone a massive shift, much like every other industry. In the past, being a photographer was not always viewed as a viable profession. However, with the changing times and increasing demand for skilled photographers, the industry has become an eminent choice for those seeking a full-time career.

Success in photography requires more than just technical skills – it also requires good business acumen. While having a knack for creating fresh and innovative images is important, it’s also critical to have an understanding of how to market oneself and stay relevant in a constantly evolving industry.

For photographers who possess both technical and business skills, the possibilities for success are endless. Adapting to new technologies and innovations can be a key factor in establishing oneself as a successful professional. The ability to do so will undoubtedly benefit photographers in the long run. With hard work and dedication, a career in photography can be both fulfilling and financially rewarding.

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