JnanaVikas Institute of Technology: Striving for a Symbiosis of Technological Excellence and Human Values
JnanaVikas Institute of Technology

The institute aims to provide top quality education to its students by ensuring quality professional excellence, interactive learning environment and industry orientation teaching.

Prior to it’s establishment, JnanaVikas Institute of Technology (JVIT) possessed 25 acres of land dedicated to the Jnanavikas Vidya Sangha and with permission from AICTE the engineering college was set up on a small scale. It took a decade more for the institute to get to where it stands today in terms of infrastructure and list of courses. The institute has always functioned with faculty who are extremely motivated and skilled which also helps students set a benchmark for themselves. JVIT works towards turning individuals into outstanding engineers and managers while also building essential life skills. Extra-curricular skills and talents are endlessly encouraged so as to facilitate individual growth.

Infrastructural Provisions at the Institute

Located close to the Bengaluru-Mysuru Highway, with the industrial area of Bidadi close by, the institute has a list of facilities for the student on a boulevard of 25 acres of land. The institute consists a library which has a large collection of state of the art books, e-journals, and reference books for the students to utilize effectively. There are also hostel facilities for both boys and girls which can house 150 students each. Jnana Vikas also gives students reprographic equipment to make things easier on the academic front. There is also a canteen facility within the campus where good quality food is available at an affordable price. In case of health emergencies, first aid is available within the campus at an ideal price as well. Finally, the campus also has internet connectivity along with a provision of sports facilities for the students and has dedicated grounds to each form of sport.

Description of a Learned Personality

C M Lingappa is the Chairman of JVIT and is also a Member of the Legislative Council. Speaking of education he states, “Education widens the individuality of the students, moulds their nature and expands ability to help them manage problems and challenges of the complex people.” He also believes that providing structured syllabus along with state of art infrastructure can help students become committed learners.

Academic Choices Available

JVIT provides six courses which students can choose from and find their footing in a certain industry.

  • Basic science contains three subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and this course was established in the year 2001. It is meant for those who look at easing their journey in engineering. Every subject also has an individual department that works towards encouraging and molding new students.
  • E Civil Engineering helps students learn the intricacies of civil engineering so that they find themselves capable of basic construction such as buildings, roadways, harbours, water resources structures and more.
  • The fact that Bidadi is a fast growing area of Bangalore was enough to lead to the establishment of the Information Technology Branch of the institute. It is known that humans are capable of earning knowledge through plenty of efforts for long durations. This is where the IT sector comes into the picture, where the students are able to acquire in depth knowledge and enrich the country by earning foreign exchange.
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering aims to spread quality education while keeping the environment lively with research and development in technology which generally impacts the key areas in electronics and communication.
  • Mechanical Engineering still holds prominence among youngsters and it helps educate them using the efforts of university, the industry and also professional bodies.
  • Students also have the option of opting an MBA which is very much in demand and helps in development of their professional skills within the area of commerce and management. This also increases their chances of finding better job opportunities that may prove to be fruitful for their future.

Additionally, plenty of guest lectures, industrial visits and seminars are conducted so that students find first-hand exposure to workplace tactics and technological advancements.

Emphasis on Extra-curricular Events

JVIT is an institute that not only focuses on the academic aspect, but overall development of a student. This ensures that they’re prepared in every possible way and have multiple skills to their credit which is always an added benefit. There are various events that are conducted for the students’ benefits such as ethnic days, sports days as well as events that spread awareness such as world water day. The interests of the students are always a top priority and this is taken care of by multiple vibrant clubs and cultural forums.

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