Joachim & Janson: Pioneering Leaders in the Arena of Intellectual Property Law
Anup Joachim | The Founder & Chief | IP Legal Consultant

India is the world’s second-largest nation for legal professionals, with more than six lakh lawyers. Over the years, the country has seen considerable growth in the sector, attracting more investments and developmental initiatives. Many Indian firms are stepping beyond national boundaries, establishing relationships with foreign firms. One such leading firm providing excellent consultation services is Joachim & Janson.

Established in 2002, the firm offers its services to those entrepreneurs who are excited about building their fortune or business around their valuable intellectual property assets. It provides legal protection to a company’s brands, trade names, logos, taglines, inventions, designs, software, literary, and artistic works. Owing to its quality services and unmatched success rate, Joachim & Janson is considered as one of the best in intellectual property law.

Reaching beyond National Boundaries

The firm provides services across India and around the world. It prepares and processes all the applications from its office based in Kochi so that the quality is not compromised. It files and prosecutes IP matters directly in IP offices across the country. Joachim & Janson is internationally recognized and one of the most networked law firms in India. It delivers intellectual property legal services spanning across 190 countries. The firm has served universities, research institutions, leading law firms, large corporations, and individuals from around the world.

Areas of Expertise

The firm specializes in intellectual property rights. It provides patentability consultation, freedom to operate and worldwide patent search; patent drafting services for filing PCT international patents, US patents and national applications; the takeover of patent matters which are not properly prosecuted by other firms; and much more.

Under trademark services, the firm provides trademark naming consultation; normal trademark search and comprehensive trademark search using artificial intelligence tools; filing and prosecution of trademarks until registration; international trademark filing services; takeover of trademark matters which are not properly prosecuted by other firms; and attending to show cause hearings; to name a few. Some of the additional offerings of the firm include copyright; industrial design; geographical indications; company, LLP and partnership formations; and commercial contracts and agreements.

The Leading Lights

The person leading Joachim & Janson from the front is Anup Joachim, the Founder & Chief IP Legal Consultant. He started Law practice before the High Court of Kerala. After attaining specialization in Intellectual Property Rights, he became a registered patent agent in Kerala in 2002. Anup has more than 18 years of experience in handling Intellectual property matters of over 3000 companies. He personally oversees the registration and shows cause hearings.

Two other personalities responsible for the growth of the firm are Xavier Thomas M.J. and Rajagopal R., Sr. IP Attorneys. Xavier looks after the opposition, rectification, and conveyancing matters. Rajagopal heads the litigation & arbitration department pertaining to intellectual property matters and corporate laws.

Facing Challenges Confidently

Throughout its journey of attaining excellence in its endeavors, the company had to overcome many formidable challenges. It realized that there was a lack of knowledge about intellectual property rights among the business community in Kerala. Sometimes, people are misguided and lured by consultants, who offer them sub-standard services at very cheap rates.

The company also had to deal with the disadvantage of its geographical location. Most of the foreign law firms and multinational companies tend to entrust their works to firms in NCR and other well-known cities like Mumbai and Bengaluru. States like Kerala come much below in the list of their viable service providers. Additionally, the state does not have many media to large scale industries.

Anup and his team are passionate about educating the clients, providing them with quality legal services, and maintaining good client relations. They emphasize not only on providing world-class IP legal services at affordable rates but are doing a social service by educating and supporting businesses especially in Kerala.

Adapting to Changes Effectively

The company states, “Intellectual property services have become highly competitive. Better client relations and quality legal services will help IP lawyers and IP law firms to cope up with the current economic trends”. Joachim & Janson is well equipped to handle any challenges. It is establishing itself in Kerala and setting benchmarks while providing many innovative services. The company implements artificial intelligence tools and software while focusing on reaching more people and serving them better.

A Plethora of Extraordinary Services

Joachim & Janson follows a customer-centric approach, which focuses on delivering the best services to the client. It offers a comprehensive trademark search using artificial intelligence tools. The company carries out a top-quality patent search and drafting services, along with intellectual property strategy consultation. It also offers the competitor’s new trademark application details (for the first time in India). Additionally, Joachim & Janson provides intellectual property expert portfolio management services for those large companies who need proper management of their several intellectual property matters in India and abroad.

Future Plans and Talent Acquisition

The company has served many satisfied clients across India and it plans to open its own offices in a few major cities. It inducts lawyers with post-graduation in Intellectual Property. Eligible candidates should have good spoken and written communication skills in English and one regional language. Above all, they should be passionate about their work, have an eye for details, and be creative and innovative.

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