Kanakia International Schools: Reach Beyond Knowing
Kanakia International School

School is considered a place to study and flourish; however, it is more than that. A school is an experience, a part of life that formulates the basic human nature of an individual and sets the foundation to lead a complete life. The knowledge gained through these experiences is a gift of education to keep the human race moving forward.

However, using literacy and education synonymously, we have neglected the considerable gap that separates them. Luckily not everyone has forgotten the lines of separation and has stayed true to the nature of education and literacy. Few schools know this difference and the value of school and school days. One such institution is Kanakia International School. The institution not only values education and understands it but also gives importance to students’ school life and plays a role in formulating crucial life experiences.

The institution has flourished into one of India’s most prominent international education schools under the guidance of Ms. Niyati Kanakia, the Institution’s Director, and its Principal, Ms. Shuchi Shukla. 

The Point of Inception

Kanakia International School affiliated to International Baccalaureate, a part of RBK Educational Institutions, began in the year 2007 in Chembur with a simple and honest goal of providing the finest education to young learners. It fosters exquisite academic involvement by encouraging learners to take the initiative and become creative and critical thinkers.

Spanning Pre-K to 12 years, it is designed around each learner’s abilities and primarily works towards building core academic and personal skills. The school accommodates over 10,000 students across Mumbai and Gujarat.

Kanakia Kids, the pre-primary section of Kanakia International School, is a new-age preschool in Mumbai that focuses on play-based learning to imbibe curiosity and encourage cognitive, social, physical, and emotional development skills in the kids.

The success of Kanakia International School could be ascertained by the achievements of its students every academic year. Redeeming features of the institutions that earned it recognition are Academic Excellence, Global Educational Networks, Local Partnerships, Commitment to the Local Community, Personalized Learning, Excellent Facilities, World Class Faculty, and Dedicated Support Systems.

Kanakia International School provides limitless opportunities for its students’ future and their exponential personal growth. Education at the institute help learners become independent through innovative coursework and experiential learning.

Pillars of Education: Mission, Vision, Value

Kanakia International School looks forward to inspiring young minds and meeting their full potential as learners. The school aims to create a supportive educational environment that produces self-motivated students and reliable future citizens.

The vision of the institution is to develop global leaders for tomorrow. They aspire to have students who develop into lifelong learners with a sense of purpose, good moral judgment, and commitment to making the world a better place.

As a community school, the institution proudly emphasizes its working culture and finds its strength in the community they have built, where everyone knows everyone.

The school confirms parents’ regular contributions to learning in school through guest lectures, expert talks, and much more. In addition, there is greater consultation in completing the students’ learning within the school. 

Prioritized Objectives and Outcomes

Kanakia International School aims to instill the qualities of ‘International Mindedness’ in its students. The teaching and learning in the classrooms and outside classrooms, the events and activities in the school, are all aimed at helping students develop a global sensitivity, compassion, and action mindset.

The institution provides its students with opportunities for global engagement and meaningful service. Students are also exposed to various opportunities to understand the significance of culture and its impact on identity and to develop intercultural understanding.

The learning outcomes of students are majorly focused on building the skills of research, thinking, communication, and social and self-management.

Kanakia International School stands out when it comes to equal emphasis on both knowledge and skills. They strongly believe in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The school educates its students to know their rights as children through the UNCRC, and various classes are organized to engage children in their rights awareness activities. 

Going Technical

Talking about the initial days of COVID-19, Ms. Shukla expresses them as challenging and says, “The whole world was facing such a big catastrophe; however, the institution was quick to recognize the forthcoming challenges and took the right steps to adapt ourselves.

We shifted from offline teaching to online education in a very short time frame, introducing numerous online activities for the students to keep them encouraged. These activities ranged from an online portal to share their work and have discussions with their teachers to online musical events, Master Talk series, Guest talks, Tedx, and Webinars.”

BTS: Ms. Niyati Kanakia 

Ms. Niyati Kanakia, the Director of Kanakia International Schools, believes that infrastructure plays an important role in the schooling process of a child. Her vision of creating the best infrastructure has shaped the school into one of Mumbai’s most progressive and modern infrastructures. 

Education Beyond Studies 

The institution knows the importance of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities and pays extra attention to this field for its students. The school’s innovative architecture is a facilitator for the students, including digital classrooms, furniture, and ambiance.

It is a well-resourced, well-equipped, and maintained facility consisting of a 3.56-acre state-of-the-art Wi-Fi enabled campus, extensive indoor and outdoor sports arena, collaborative and co-working space, media room, digital atelier, amphitheatre, urban farming, and much more.

The school has introduced various beyond the curriculum events like Master Talks, Global projects, Horticulture, deep dive immersions into topics beyond the syllabus, internship programs, and university placements. These innovative programs allow the students to step out of academics and interact with the real world.

Constructing the Foundation

The schools provide dedicated career counsellors to help the students in their university admissions. It follows the ‘no child left behind’ policy when it comes to university placements.

Kanakia International School has external expert counsellors’ to provide additional support by taking career awareness and University admission parent sessions, student sessions, and teacher training on career counselling.

The International School provides end-to-end support in processing all the documents and uploading applications. It has secured admissions at some of the best universities across the world, like the University of Cambridge, University of Toronto, King’s College.

Achieving the Desirable and Deservable 

Kanakia International School is accredited by various organizations, including the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), Cambridge International, CBSE, and CICSE. Two of its International schools are level 2 accredited to offer SAT/PSAT/AP examinations by the College Board, US. The institution also offers its students International Award for Young People (IAYP).

Kanakia International School has received various awards, including: –

Ÿ Excellence in International School Education by the prestigious Mid-Day International Education Icons 2022.

Ÿ Excellence in infrastructure by the prestigious Mid-Day International Education Icons 2022.

Ÿ Kanakia International School Ranked 2nd in International Curriculum by the prestigious Times School Survey 2021 and 2020.

Ÿ Excellence in Technology Learning by the prestigious Mid-Day International Education Icons 2020.

Ÿ Excellence in Faculty Training by the prestigious Mid-Day International Education Icons 2020.

Ÿ Effective Technology Implementing Award by IEA.

Ÿ Awarded as Times Education Icons 2020.

Ÿ Outstanding Development of the International Dimension in the Curriculum by The British Council International School Award 2020-23.

A Look Ahead the Road 

Envisioning the future, Ms. Shuchi Shukla, “The institution further plans to upgrade its facilities to reflect the upmarket image of the organization and a complete makeover to reflect the progressive nature not just in the vision but in its day-to-day mission.” 

“This translates into image makeover with branding, enhancing curriculum offered, capacity building for staff, and accelerating the process of our already day-to-day-schools to excel in interdisciplinary approach towards learning,” she further adds.

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