KCG College of Technology– Ensuring a Unique Educational Experience for every Student

Higher education institutions are gradually evolving with time. They are employing cutting-edge technologies and innovative teaching-learning procedures. These institutions uphold innovation and excellence while guiding students to build their path to a successful career.

Marching on similar lines, KCG College of Technology was founded in 1998 to fulfil the Founder-Chairman, Dr. KCG Verghese’s vision- “To Make Every Man a Success and No Man a Failure”. The institution is affiliated with Anna University, Chennai, and approved by AICTE, New Delhi.

A Haven of Tremendous Facilities

KCG College provides a wide variety of facilities, which ensures the overall development of the students. The ambience creates a homely environment for the students and encourages them to learn and thrive. The hostels on the campus are designed to provide an ideal environment conducive to academic pursuit. All the hostels are provided with dining halls, uninterrupted water supply, reading halls, internet connection, indoor recreation, television, and a 24/7 medical facility. These facilities help students feel at home and enable them to pursue their studies in a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere. The college offers internet lab services and canteen facilities.

The college’s library has an area of 11000 sq. ft. and seating capacity for about 150 readers. At present, it houses a collection of above 45,815 books, 905 back volumes, 3105 project reports, previous year question papers, and more than 1962 multimedia packages like CDs and DVDs. The library is open till 7 p.m. every day, and book exhibitions are conducted on the campus. It subscribes to 128 print journals, 40 magazines, and six newspapers. The Department Library has 7855 books, while the digital library services unit has 19 advanced Apple computers and 12 iPads with high-speed internet connection.

KCG College has a synchronized transport system. It has a well-managed fleet of buses that covers all major routes within the city to provide commutation services between the college and the student’s residence.

The college constantly focuses on ensuring the safety of the students on the campus. Accordingly, it has an ambulance within the campus, which remains continuously active and at service with all the medical facilities for transporting sick patients (staff /students) in an emergency to the hospitals for admission/treatment. The ambulance is parked near the Administrative Building entrance.

The Focused Director

Dr. Annie Jacob is the Director of KCG College of Technology, Chennai, popularly known as KCG Tech in the student community. KCG College of Technology, formerly known as the National Institute of Technology and Science, is approved by the AICTE

Dr. Annie Jacob, is a highly intellectual, charismatic and intensely committed leader endowed with strong determination and strength to succeed. Since its inception, she has steered the institution with her leadership and by providing key inputs and valuable directions that empower the faculty and enables the students to succeed, instilling in them great confidence and motivation to contribute to the development of the society. Her Inspiration and energy have helped KCG College of Technology to rise to great heights in the education sphere.

Achievements Galore

KCG College has always upheld academic excellence and is driven towards moulding students into responsible citizens and professionals. Throughout its celebrated journey, it has made many achievements. Some of the prominent laurels of the college are as follows:

  • KCG Ranked by NIRF in the top 201 – 250 band
  • KCG listed in Band Excellent by ARIIA (Atal Ranking of Institution on Innovation Achievements)
  • KCG College of Technology accredited with a score of A+ by NAAC
  • Four Programmes (CSE, ECE, IT, MECH) accredited by NBA
  • KCG-EEE & KCG –Civil are the winners of the AICTE-CII Survey of Industry Linked Institutes 2020
  • KCG-ECE is the winner of the AICTE-CII Survey of Industry Linked institutes 2019 in Electronics and allied category.
  • KCG College of Technology is in the Platinum Category of “AICTE-CII Survey of Industry Linked Technical Institutes “Since 2017
  • KCG college of Technology is hat-trick winner (2017, 2018 and 2019) of Smart India Hackathon conducted by AICTE & MHRD
  • APAC Global Education & Skill Awards – 2021
  • 2nd position in Times Engineering Ranking – 2021 amongst Anna University non-autonomous affiliated colleges in Tamil Nadu
  • 13th position in Times Engineering Ranking – 2021 amongst Top Private Engineering Institutes – Tamil Nadu
  • India Today 2021 – Ranked No 1 amongst the Anna University Affiliated Non-Autonomous Colleges – 2021

Green Initiatives and Waste Management

The college is driven by the objective of creating and promoting a green campus, wherein sustainable and eco-friendly practices are carried out.It focuses on removing wasteful inefficiencies, using conventional energy sources for daily power requirements, proper handling of disposal, and so on.

The campus is beautifully landscaped in a lush green stretch of land spread over 50 acres with a built-up area of four lakh square feet. Being situated near the lakeside with more than 50% of open land, the campus has natural breeze around the year. Being situated away from the main road, it is also free from air and noise pollution.

It has taken various initiatives and practices to make the campus green.These endeavours include:

Green Initiatives

  • Roof-Top Solar Power Plant of 100 kW capacity is commissioned
  • Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) and Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant are installed, and the treated water from STP and wastewater from RO Plant are used to water the plants in the garden.
  • Sprinklers are used in gardens to prevent water wastage
  • Rainwaterharvesting system is in place
  • Reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment plant is installed to get cleansed drinking water
  • Grey water recycling is done
  • Energy-efficient lighting system is established through LED bulbs
  • Energy monitoring system (EMS) is installed for effective utilization of energy

Green Practices

  • 23 college buses are available from different parts of the city for the students and faculty, and this enables individuals commuting through their own vehicles to the college. Public transport bus passes are also facilitated through the college. At times, faculty and students also go for carpool. A ‘bus tracking system’ is installed in all the buses to track the movement of the buses, which in turn helps in monitoring and controlling the fuel usage
  • Students enrol in bicycle club and use the cycles for commuting within the campus
  • Separate parking facility is available near the entrance, and students’ vehicles are not allowed inside the campus
  • Battery operated car is used for movement within the campus
  • All the vehicles mandatorily have Emission Test Certificate
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the campus
  • Plastic-free campus
  • Paperless communication (e-mail/WhatsApp communication) is a regular practice
  • Usage of one-sided paper is encouraged
  • Faculty and student details, library, and other administrative details are maintained in ERP to avoid paper usage

A Hub of Career Opportunities

The prime focus of KCG College is to nurture the students and transform them into able professionals so that they can succeed in the professional realm. In this perspective, it creates awareness among students about careers and the preparation required to bag a dream job.

It emphasizes imparting the necessary skills to face the selection process with confidence. Accordingly, it works on collaborating with companies that fulfil the students’ career aspirations.

The college identifies the potential companies for recruiting students through campus placement. It constantly keeps in touch with the human resource professionals of renowned industries.

The students are also provided with proper information negarding the job description, eligibility criteria, and selection process of the visiting company for campus recruitment. KCG College also makes all the necessary arrangements for the campus recruitment process and follows up with the company for joining and feedback about the students’ performance in the selection process and on the job.

KCG Graduates are Preferred by Recruiters

KCG College has produced numerous graduates who have made it big in different walks of life. These alumni have excelled well in their careers right from the induction training. Their performance at the job has impressed their employers. Accordingly, many companies visit the campus continuously for recruitment.

The free environment to mingle and avenues provided for developing team skills and soft skills attract recruiters to rope in more fresh talent to their companies. The students’ excellent communication, leadership skills, and the urge to learn have helped them to climb the career ladder quickly.

Practical exposure through internships, mini and final-year projects, industrial visits, and lab experiments in upgraded labs transforms students into seasoned professionals. These students go ahead and introduce many developments in engineering and technology in their recruiting companies.

The selection ratio is appreciable, and companies feel happy to invest their time and money for campus recruitment at KCG.

When many engineering colleges coach students to achieve ranks and to enhance their pass percentage, KCG College tries to be different from other colleges by focusing on imparting holistic education. KCG College values its uniqueness and continues to be different and not part of the crowd.

KCG College has a clear and a far sighted vision that we have understood the need for International Affairs for Students in the campus. We work towards instilling confidence in students and motivating them to approach foreign universities for higher education as well as for taking up internship and project activities.

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