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Psychiatrist, Frantz Fanon rightfully explains, “To speak a language is to take on a world, a culture.” One can say that language is the road map of a culture, hence knowing a different language not only demonstrates that you have a host of other skills, but also introduces you to the culture of that particular country.

Being multilingual unites people from all over the world as it allows you to explore beyond borders and live with a passport full of experiences. In return, it makes you wise, intellectual, and creative.

Today, the world is being looked at differently and the global milieu has opened several potential career gateways, not only in a range of jobs but also in terms of leisure destinations.

However, in order to acquire knowledge and ability to speak different languages, one requires some practice and mentoring. In this edition of The Knowledge Review, we crossed paths with an institution which, along with teaching a language, immerses students in the country’s culture and paves the way to greater opportunities and career growth –  KCP International Japanese Language School.

An Ideal Model of Culture-based Education

The number of students, professionals or any individuals migrating to Japan has been on a constant rise. Home to about 900 students per year, KCP welcomes students from all over the globe and strives to address their needs of learning the Japanese language inclusively.

Here at KCP International, students not only gain intensive knowledge about the language but they are equally enlightened about the cultural background of the host country.

The school offers two courses: Intensive Japanese Language and Japanese Culture and Society. Students who enroll in the program are trained to fluently communicate in the Japanese language. Emphasis is placed on all four communication skills—listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

KCP’s teaching strategy draws the attention of numerous aspiring students. While the language course is conducted in entirely in Japanese, English support sessions are available if needed.

KCP’s prime focus is to provide a thorough knowledge of Japan’s language and culture. Lectures coupled with tours to various culturally prominent places in Tokyo allow students to engage in real-world lessons and experiences. Excursions to Kamakura, Asakusa Temple, the Imperial Palace, and a sumo-beya further ignites the knowledge of students on topics like Japanese classical entertainment, customs, business, and religion.

Considering all of the aforementioned aspects and also being a not-for-profit educational foundation, KCP has been granted Gakko Hojin status; a rigorous educational evaluation and accreditation process overseen by the Tokyo metropolitan government ministry.

Delivering Excellence

Good leadership is like the light that guides your route towards success. For every organization to thrive in a global marketplace, an efficient leader is required at the helm of its voyage towards excellence. In accordance with this note, Tomohisa Tanaka, the On-site Program Director has been contributing towards KCP’s progress since he joined the institute in 2001.

Mr. Tanaka credits the success of the organization to KCP’s faculty and staff. He expresses that they go out of their way to support and advance the aims of people who study at the institute. He states that the faculty has utmost regard and consideration of students’ diversity while teaching the Japanese language and culture.

For Mr. Tanaka, a moment of achievement is when students from different countries and cultures use Japanese as a common language for communicating with fellow students, KCP faculty and staff.

A Place to Belong

KCP’s location is yet another attractive feature. The campus is nestled in a quiet neighborhood amidst the vibrant charm of Tokyo. KCP students get the best of both worlds.

To meet the demands of a steadily increasing student population, in the spring of 2014, KCP unveiled a bigger and better campus building equipped with state-of-the-art amenities.

The building has seven floors with over 20 classrooms, Wi-Fi access, a multi-purpose hall, a student lounge with vending machines, a spacious tea room, a Japanese garden, and more. To make the stay of students more comfortable, the KCP campus is just within walking distance from convenience stores, restaurants, the subway, and the popular Shinjuku Gyoen Park.

At KCP, students are the focal point of the learning process. Hence, along with offering a typical language curriculum, the institute also ensures their career growth. The teachers of this institute ensure that they take time to interact with each student and guide them to achieve their dreams and goals.

Aside from Japanese language immersion in a classroom setting, KCP also organizes various club activities, weekend events, and conversational classes with Japanese guests which help the students bond with each other while practicing their language skills.

An Odyssey towards Glory

Extensive career growth opportunities are available for the KCP graduate. Several KCP alumni have landed jobs in various industries while making use of their improved Japanese language skills.

Brooker Small and Hector Gloria are two great examples of students who applied their Japanese language proficiency after they graduated. Mr. Small worked at an elementary school in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, and Mr. Gloria fulfilled his dream of leading a successful life in Japan.

From teaching and working in Fortune 500 companies, to pursuing other language courses, diving into animé-manga, film making, and photography, KCP alumni have used their Japanese language proficiency to achieve their g

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