Kids Spot Nursery: A Fun, Safe, and Interactive International Nursery Experience
Kids Spot Nursery

What goes on inside a child’s head, especially in the early years, is something every parent pays mind to. With the number of working parents on the rise, more children than ever have to spend time in childcare, with day nurseries being one of the most popular options. In such scenarios, it is natural to feel a sense of guilt while handing your child to be taken care by someone else.

However, many studies have come forth showing that nurseries can have huge benefits for our younglings. At a nursery, children get to try new things like arts and crafts, role playing, dressing up, playing around with a wide range of toys, other physical activities, thus not having to rely on their parents to keep them entertained all day.

At the right kind of nursery, children can productively interact with other children, learn new things from them and become more independent in the process. From using scissors to potty training, seeing other kids doing ‘grownup’ things can encourage them to try something new. An exemplary place which inculcates all the aforementioned attributes of well-thought out, well-rounded early education is the Dubai-based Kids Spot Nursery which exists, in its own words, to ‘Redefine the Nursery Experience’ and be a home away from home in a safe, nurturing environment.

Fortunately, we were able to conduct an interview with ids Spot, so as to gain insight on how they have been raising children in a fun, yet safe learning environment for so many thankful parents.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the interview and relish the story of this eminent nursery.

Kindly brief us about your institution, its journey, its mission, vision, and core values.

Kids Spot Nursery exists to redefine the nursery experience: It is your child’s constant, their playground, and their most valuable learning experience.

It is the family’s extended family. And most of all, it is here to make the life of families easier with a non-complicated approach and flexibility.

Brief us about your campus and the academic programs being carried out.

Our playgrounds challenge and promote children’s growth by providing opportunities for children to engage in multiple different types of play.

As we are building, we had one thought in mind “The best playground is the one that nature provided.” According to that, our structures are designed.

We are an EYFS (Early Year Foundation Stage) nursery with infused curriculum depending on theme, age group and teacher. We incorporate the curiosity approach, the Montessori, forest school lifestyle, and much more.

Tell us about the featured personality and his/her role in the development of the institute.

Our Managing Director, Nouhad Doughan, is a Lebanese mother of three (ages 7, 5, and 3). She studied political science and public administration in the American University of Beirut (AUB). Moved to Dubai after getting married in 2012 and worked in the marketing field until she found her passion in early childhood education.

Within 6 years, Nouhad has opened her 3rd nursery and manages 2 of them. She is very hands-on and has a goal of making sure she knows every child as well as every parent that walks into her nursery.

The team is hand-picked by her. She is also known for her open-door policy as well as her approachable management style.

What additional activities or programs does the nursery conduct for overall development of the students?

Our kids benefit from outsourced languages, yoga, soccer, and gymnastics. Before the pandemic, termly trips where done according to the theme which was all inclusive of the curriculum.

What factors set you apart from other similar institutions?

From what we hear, we have a positive vibe and people here love their jobs. We love what we do. We put quality over everything and rarely compromise on the standard of early education we have kept for so long.

Kindly mention any noteworthy awards, accreditations and achievements of your institution.

  • Nominated for ‘Nursery of the Year’ Award 2 years in a row.
  • BOEKER certified

With the problems and restrictions set in motion due to the current pandemic, how are you coping with the same?

We have cut our classroom capacity to 50%. As per regulations, we have created bubble systems and manage social distancing as much as possible. We are also contracted with BOEKER for sanitizing on a daily basis.

Our team have either gotten vaccinated or have to undertake PCR tests every 2 weeks. We are very much looking forward to going back to normal and being able to hold events as well as connect with the children and families more.

What are the future prospects of your institution?

We are looking forward to spreading more awareness of the importance of the early years and expanding our vision all over the United Arab Emirates.

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