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KIET Group of Institutions
KIET Group of Institutions

In the golden era, the longing for a better lifestyle has been the prime agenda for multicultural societies. In the eyes of communities, the potential for a better quality of distinct personality is interdependent upon the quality of resources in consumption.

The resources available to augment this generation are based on values, norms, and ethics. While considering an individual’s values, their conscience desires the quality of guidance to improve their status when aspiring for a higher platform in the upcoming trends worldwide, a very common and generic question arises,

‘Why is it essential to aim for higher aspirations for better opportunities in global diversity?’

Well! The answer is simple- For generational evolution in the contemporary global hierarchy.

And evolution is a very eminent step for change in the industry, the companies across the world are relying on engineers who are setting the pace for evolutionary trends in the industry. Whereas quality engineering institutes are helping industries to keep to that pace of innovation.

One such Institute that is setting the pace of innovation and evolution of the industries is the KIET Group of Institutions. Under the able guidance of the Director of the college Dr. A Garg, the institution is a flagbearer of quality resources while promising the aspirants the tools to innovate the respective industries gracefully.

In an interactive conversation with The Knowledge Review, Dr. A Garg shares a well-curated curriculum of the Institute that is setting the pace for changing paradigm shifts of innovation across industries.

The Inception

With a sheer focus on grooming young minds with skill-oriented and value-based education, the KIET Group of Institutions has turned out to be a pioneer in the field of ground-breaking or unorthodox learning approaches.

The Institute was established in 1998 with a dream to preserve and impart quality education under the aegis of Krishna Charitable Society, a non-profit making organization (NGO). It is affiliated with Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, and has been lately accredited with NAAC ‘A+’ Grade.

Moreover, in a time span of 24 years, it has named many accolades and Education Excellence Awards under its name, which acts as a testimony to the fact that the Institute is among the top engineering colleges in Delhi NCR. The well-developed campus’ infrastructure is another extension of this fact. Its campus adorns all the latest amenities and facilities, including eight departmental libraries, an air-conditioned cafeteria, a general departmental store, an ATM facility, and a medical facility, among various others.

Additionally, a shift from the ‘usual’ teaching pedagogies is what the Institute believes in. Henceforth, they aim to prepare global citizens by honing students’ skills and giving them exposure to foreign languages, events, and internships.

The Progressive Sharp Sight

Retrospectively speaking, KIET Group of Institutions is an offspring of a non-profit organization. Therefore, the way of initiating education has always been path-breaking.

Highlighting the vision of the Institute, Dr. Garg says, “The Institute envisions becoming a leading institution nationally in the area of professional education, research & innovation for serving the global community.”

Mission Statements

The Institute has embraced the opportunity to impart quality professional education, skills, and values through outcome-based innovative teaching-learning processes in all spheres. To allocate such zeal, the prime mission statement states:

  • To undertake collaborative interdisciplinary research as a corequisite for professional education and simultaneously solve problems faced by society and industry.
  • To create an ambience of innovation, entrepreneurship, and consultancy for future leaders and innovators.
  • To keep faculty members enthusiastic through continuous professional development and a positive working environment.

Core Values

  • Academic excellence
  • Collaborative and interdisciplinary research culture
  • Conducive eco-system
  • Strong humanitarian values & Ethics

The Developing Hand

Dr A Garg currently serves as the Director of KIET Group of Institutions (Delhi-NCR), Ghaziabad. He holds his B.E. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Delhi Technological University in 1986 (erstwhile Delhi College of Engineering) and subsequently both MTech and PhD (Industrial Engineering) from IIT Delhi. He also received an award of commendation for innovation in the workplace from the government in 2004.

He is an accomplished engineering professional based out of Delhi. He carries 35+ years of experience in industry and academia, which majorly comprises working with different government and private organizations in various leadership roles.

Dr A Garg’s foresightedness and attitude to go beyond the TRADITIONAL have always helped KIET boost its outreach and development. As an academic leader, his focus has always been to create experienced engineers duly aligned with the needs of Industry 4.0. It is the result of his clear vision that the Institute could lead change and earn laurels of success in the name of the KIET Group of Institutions.

The Future Prospects

The main priority of the esteemed college is to prepare well-mannered and learning students who excel not just in academics but also in extracurricular activities. The day they will face the real world, they won’t hesitate or push themselves back, be it any sort of challenge.

The college also strives to provide quality education for all the latest courses approved by the university. It’s been almost a year since the college introduced two new branches in the CSE programme – CSE Artificial Intelligence and CSE Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

The Distinctive Honours

The Institute does not run on the traditional methodology of producing blank-headed bookworms. It rather wants the young KIETians to explore the world from a realistic point of view without demeaning the value of academics. Henceforth, to create a balance between theoretical and practical knowledge, the Institute has onboarded PhD scholars with relevant industry experience as faculty members. As mentors, they help the students learn and explore academic topics from both subjective and realistic perspectives. Also, they incorporated the latest and innovative teaching methodology to make teaching-learning interesting and student-oriented. The use of ICT-based teaching, including the usage of easily portable tablets by their faculty members, along with the wi-fi internet facility at the campus, facilitates the faculty members as well as students to access maximum online resources for research activities.

The Universal Effect

A peaceful and joyful mind is the best when it comes to productivity. This is why the Institute has always promoted the idea of creating student clubs, which is the primary source of recognizing the hidden talent of our students. Be it dancing, singing, dramatics, robotics, quizzes, poetry, or working for a social cause, the Institute is involved in a range of extracurricular and co-curricular activities that make our students different from others.

“Initially, it was not a smooth-sailing task to encourage students to stop hesitating and create a student club in a full-fledged manner. But, as the Institute was clear about the fact that they wanted to nurture the students as lions, they started taking sessions on how these activities would help them create a confident personality in the future,” Dr. Garg said, highlighting the balance of curricular and extracurricular activities at the Institute.

“The Institute gave them complete rights to request the Institute for any support/help that is essential for representing KIET on inter or intra level. Today, the Institute does not need to encourage students anymore. They plan and coordinate the entire events themselves, and the faculty is there just for mental support and guidance,” Dr. Garg further adds.

The Multi-Industrial Engagement

The Institute has set up numerous labs through tie-ups such as D-Link, Apple iOS University Program, E-Yantra embedded systems, Paramsavak – supercomputing facility, and Robotics Lab to assist them in preparing industry-ready professionals. Apart from industry connections, they have established cloud computing and online learning (e-learning), which allows for easier sharing of data between peers as well as students and teachers.

Side-by-side, the Institute has introduced foreign language programs on German, Japanese, and Korean languages so that language is never a barrier to the students when they plan to work overseas or deal with foreign clients in India.

Furthermore, the Institute has created an Innovation & Entrepreneurship Council that is centred on making the students more competitive in the job market and leading to the creation of market-ready projects.

The Mega Hits

The most recent achievement of the Institute is that the Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell and AICTE chose KIET Group of Institutions as one of the official nodal centres to host the Smart India Hackathon 2022 Grand Finale, Hardware Edition. The event was organized at the campus from 25th August to 29th August 2022, wherein the Institute welcomed 15 teams from across the country. Other notable achievements, accolades, accreditations, and awards include various awards:

  • National Award for Technology Business Incubator 2020
  • Institution of Happiness Award
  • Institution of the year – North Award
  • Excellence in Promoting Industry Academic Interface North
  • Outstanding Engineering Institute for Promoting Industry-Academia Interface
  • 187th Rank in Engineering and 97th Rank in Pharmacy as per NIRF 2022 Ranking
  • NBA accreditation for all eligible programs
  • NAAC Accreditation ‘A+’ Grade
  • SIRO Recognition by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR)
  • Certificate of Citation in recognition of 3rd Rank in ARIIA2021
  • Certificate of Excellence for ‘Best Educational Group’ by the Federation for World Academics (FWA) Academic Council
  • Certificate of Citation in recognition of getting accreditation for the B. Pharma program by NBA
  • Certificate of Citation in recognition of getting accreditation for Engineering & Management program by NBA

The Upcoming Effects

The Institute envisions keeping a positive mindset and strong determination while moving ahead to adopt futuristic educational technologies. As already discussed, the Institute comprises a group of likeminded individuals who do not believe in following obsolete traditional methods. Therefore, they are going to walk parallel, hand-in-hand with the drastic evolution that is soon going to rule the academic sector.

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