Koala Preschool: Creating Life-long Learners
Koala Preschool
Koala Preschool

Preschools have turned new charm in the towns. They play a key role in creating a strong foundation for a child’s overall development. Fostering positive values, good habits and valuable behavior at an early age holds a great importance.  Every preschool has its clear vision of providing high-quality preschool programs. One such quality learning provider —Koala Preschool focuses on shaping the dreams of children. The preschool started with the belief that every child has a curious mind that needs to be developed amidst a nurturing environment.

Koala Preschool at a Glance

Founded in the year 2018, Koala Preschool is spread across 7 cities with 14 established centers. With all, it is marching towards its mission to make impact and changes through the eyes of their little ones. The school holds pride in its exclusive infrastructure and uniquely drafted curriculum. Well designed ideal infrastructure is well equipped with a play ground and learning spaces. Even the walls are painted  with the positive colors for better and interesting learning.

Incorporating the standards of safety and hygiene, Koala Preschool has created a homely space. The sick- bay room is completely equipped with medicines, first-aid kits and are under the supervision of parents and pediatricians. The nap room aids to restore their energy and alertness. With the use of smart devices such as CCTV cameras, it ensures the safety and security of the child. At every learning phase the school inculcates advance teaching methodologies with appropriate environment for the little ones.

Noteworthy Koala Highlights

The preschool is accredited by ‘The National Association for the Education of Young Children of New York’ (NAEYC). The entire curriculum is designed by the expert team of qualified academicians to develop the child’s 8 multiple intelligences in- Visual Spatial, Bodily Kinesthetic, Musical, Linguistic, Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Logical Mathematics and Naturalistic.

Koala Preschool curates an environment that fosters the children to become the leaders of tomorrow. Engaging them in various indoor and outdoor activities like- trips to various sites- the preschool encourages them to learn from their surroundings. Indulging in arts and crafts, it  teaches them the importance of recycling and also motivates their creativity. Amid the various extra- curriculum activities like yoga and workshops the preschool tends to shape their dreams into a reality and make them ready for the future.

While the curriculum plays a vital role in their development, the teachers of Koala also make sure to nurture the kids with care and compassion. Thus, with a plethora of playful and fun-filled activities it  provides a safe and positive learning space.

The Founding Team

Koala Preschool is the brain-child of 4 innovative academicians, Dr. Anabel Jenson—Senior Advisor, Sumeet—CEO, Vikram—COO and Shilpa Singhal—Advisor.

Dr Anabel Jenson, one of the founders and the senior advisor at Koala Preschool is a pioneer in the discipline of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), which according to her is  ‘Yoga to the mind.’ She believes that a strong Emotional Quotient always results in a strong Intelligence Quotient. Keeping these motivational insight, the entire team aims at nurturing self- reliant and life- long learners at Koala.

Dr Shivani Kapoor, having more than two decades of experience in the preschool space  has curated a value based and balanced curriculum.

“At Koala Preschool, we believe in exposing the child to learn from real experiences and so we engage them into programs like—days based on different colors, trips to various destinations such as field trips, market trip and more, various workshops like- Koala Wonderland that involve many learning activities for our kids and of course the celebrations of every special occasion.” says the founding team of Koala.

Future Outlook

The school looks forward to make education and learning fun for every child. Also, it seeks to shape their perspective into a bigger picture and make tomorrow better. Koala Preschool embarks on a never-ending journey of inculcating the values of culture, heritage and society along with the wisdom of books. In future, the school envisions itself as continuous innovators of a world where experience comes first and learning follows. Encouraging self exploration and discovery of knowledge, it wants to expand the foundation of Koala Preschool to include every child who is an artist of its own little world.

On the other hand, the school is stride upon the path of a vision to expand the horizons of creating opportunities for every kid. The opportunities to not just learn and develop but to be empowered with the strength of knowledge and ability to shape their visions.

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