Kunjali Marakkar School of Marine Engineering: Imparting Quality Education and Competent Training to Benefit the Challenging Requirements of the Shipping Industry
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To mould future Marine Engineers competent enough to cater to the technological needs of this unique profession

Located in the heart of Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT),Kunjali Marakkar School of Marine Engineering (KMSME) is the youngest department of CUSAT. It was started with an orientation to spread its wings everywhere to encompass new and emerging frontiers of the academic horizon and encouraging job prospects in Merchant shipping. CUSAT was originally known as the University of Cochin but then was renamed in 1971 through an act of Legislature of Kerala. The process of reorientation resulted in redefining the objectives as “the promotion of Graduate and Post Graduate Studies and Advanced Research in Applied Science, Technology, Industry, Commerce, Management and Social Science”.

The Syndicate, Academic Council, and Senate are principal authorities of the University. The academic structure includes Engineering, Environmental Studies, Humanities, Law Marine Science, Medical Sciences, Science, Social Science, and Technology. In addition to being a government-owned university, it enjoys the support from the State Government and ministry of HRD, DST and Government of India fund departments of the University.

The institute is on the mission to develop a full-fledged marine engineering campus with effective and adequate infrastructure with well-qualified and experienced teachers and staff, meeting all the international standards for conducting various marine engineering and related courses. Regarding the quality policy, the institute states,“We are committed to achieving excellence and leadership in all our endeavors to impart quality education and competent training to benefit the challenging requirements of the shipping industry by complying with all applicable rules and regulations and shall strive for continual improvement”.

KMSME started its first batch of 4-year B-Tech Marine Engineering programme in 2003. The presences of various departments, which even, have their own strong research wings, enable the cadets to acquire profound knowledge in every topic as they wish. The institute is ISO – 9001-2015 certified, approved by DG shipping and AICTE, received “Grade A1” (“outstanding”) by Indian Register of Shipping. Additionally, the Government of India published a postage cover of KMSME to celebrate its decennial year in 2013.

About the Director

Helming the affairs at KMSME as its Director is Prof. (Dr.) K.A.Simon. He has completed B.Sc. (Engg), MBA,MS(WMU-Sweden), Ph.D.,C.Eng, F.I.E,F.I.Mar.E, FICA, M.E.O Class I (Motor) Steam Endorsement, and is an Extra First Class Marine Engineer. He has been serving as the Director and Head of KMSME for almost 8 years. Under his leadership, KMSME has transformed into one of the best marine engineering institutes in India.

Courses and Academic structure

The B.Tech degree programme in Marine Engineering is designed to provide the students with modern and sound education in basic science and engineering subjects, along with an in-depth knowledge of the various facets of marine engineering. Intensive practical training of six months is given to all cadets inside the DG approved Ship-in Campus Lab and in the machinery-overhauling workshop. Further, cadets are provided with practical training in the Full Machine Engine Room Simulator lab. They also get chances to go on board ships to acquire machinery maintenance experience. In addition to the B.Tech degree Course, KMSME also conducts DG approved courses (both at operational and management level) on Engine Room Simulator. M.Tech Marine Engineering and Research work in the same discipline are also being conducted at KMSME.

The various infrastructure facilities provided by the institute are; Ship-In-Campus Lab, Machine Overhauling Workshop, Control Engineering and Instrumentation Lab, Machine Shop, Electrical Work Shop, Boiler Chemistry Lab, Mechanical Workshop, Fluid Mechanics Lab, Engine Room Simulator, Electronics Lab, Electrical Machine Lab, Mechanical Lab, Strength Of Materials Lab, Cut Models and Rigs Workshop, Heat Engine Lab, Fire Control Lab, Computer Lab, Library, and Hostel.

Career Opportunities and Exposures

KMSME’s Placement cell facilitates the dissemination of information about employment/ higher education opportunity. Placement talks and campus interviews are also arranged for the students. The cell has been able to secure coveted jobs in leading shipping companies for a large number of students. The concept of placement has become an integral part of the present day university ethos and is reflected in the expansion of its domain to auxiliary functions like ship management and marine insurance etc.

While talking about the graduates, the B.Tech graduates are sailing on the various types of ships as a marine engineer, whereas M. Tech graduates are presently adorning similar positions in various shipyards, classification societies, marine training institutes, etc.

Industry Trends and Adaptation

The institute’s recent adaptations in the teaching pedagogy use innovative projects as part of the curriculum. Consequently, students receive greater exposure to the marine field. Apart from that, the Cochin University Department of English and Foreign Languages provide continuous English learning to the students through courses and language lab. Infrastructure expansions are also going on in the campus to include more facilities such as swimming pools, CCTV, biometric and online attendance system,and alumni association, etc.

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