Lahore College of Arts and Science: Creating Lifelong Learners

Established in 1987, LACAS commenced with a vision-to challenge the status quo within the education system at the time. Being the first school to provide A-Levels to girls, LACAS has continued to strive for greatness and innovation within the academic sphere. And to achieve that, the school provides an education that concentrates on making the student a well-rounded individual.

At LACAS, the main objective is to cater to each student’s needs and to help each child reach their full potential by encouraging their individuality to shine. With highly qualified staff, LACAS provides one of the best academic experiences within Pakistan by ensuring that each student’s needs are catered to in the most effective way possible. Its mission is to celebrate diversity, promote tolerance and instill in each pupil the school motto ‘To Live in Truth’. 

A Curriculum that Delivers 

LACAS offers classes from Preschool to A-Level, providing a complete primary and secondary education.

LACAS Reach Preschools focus on learning through experience and exploration within a child-friendly and attractive environment. Emphasis is placed upon critical thinking and life skills.

Within the Primary and Middle School, the Grade I till O Level curriculum ensures that content and teaching practices are developmentally appropriate. It aims to link all of the learning to the curricula framework provided by the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE). The school enhances students’ skills in creative thinking, inquiry, and problem solving while simultaneously preparing them for the next stage in their education.  The campuses at LACAS are integrated with the latest technology and state-of-the-art resources ensuring that the students can receive the best in achieving their full potential.

With one of the leading A-Level programs in Lahore, the school has been excelling in the field of education for over three decades. It is one of the pioneers in introducing the said programme. This tailored curriculum features highly qualified faculty, which has produced students attaining exceptional results and students that have been the highest achievers worldwide. The students have gained admissions and substantial scholarships to some of the top-ranking national and international universities through the help of its dedicated career guidance office.

In addition to strong academics, the extensive extracurricular programme includes sports, arts, theatre, and debates. These extracurricular activities have been renowned and unrivaled throughout the years.

LACAS has had numerous students selected for the Pakistan National Debate Team. The school also hosts the oldest debating tournament in the country The Sondhi Debates Championship. Moreover, diverse art and music competitions are available throughout the years ensuring students have a creative platform through which they can express themselves.

LACAS’ students have reached the top tier through the school’s rigorous physical education course. They have been selected to represent the country by the Pakistan Cricket Board and the Pakistan Football Federation. Moreover, every year, its under-14’s and under-16’s sports teams compete in international tournaments.

Right Exposure

The students of LACAS take part in a number of different activities and events, consequently, exposing themselves to real-world experiences. In fact, most of the events or clubs are run by students and include them in the organizing and decision-making processes. As a result, the students gain firsthand experience of what goes into the specific events they chose to participate in. Furthermore, the students are encouraged to take advantage of their freedom during their holidays and intern with a number of diverse companies. The school believes that this helps them to have a better understanding of what will be expected out of them in the real world.


LACAS has a long list of successful alumni, from actors to doctors; designers to musicians; academics to sportsmen, and so much more.

One of the most successful alumni is the very first student of LACAS, Selina Rashid. As one of the first ten students to enroll within the school, Selina holds a special place in the heart of LACAS. After graduating from the University of Warwick, she returned to Pakistan and founded the country’s first and largest Public Relations firm. Through her company, Lotus PR, Selina has become a leading businesswoman in Pakistan, showing everyone that arduous work pays off.

Another prominent alumnus is Dr.Yaqoob Khan Bangash, who is a historian of South Asia. He is currently an Assistant Professor and Chairman of the Department of History for one of Pakistan’s leading universities, Forman Christian College. He has worked on a monograph on the imagination of Pakistan as a country. Furthermore, Dr.Bangash has taught History and Politics at Oxford University, after receiving his DPhil in 2011 from the institution.

Education for All

LACAS has opened two Milestone branches in 2018, designed to provide high-quality education at an affordable cost. LACAS Milestone offers both O Level and Matric streams.

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