Lakeland University Collaborates with NWTC for Continued Education in Green Bay
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Lakeland University will relocate its Green Bay Center to Northeast Wisconsin Technical College’s main campus. The center, one of six Lakeland locations in Wisconsin, will be housed in the NWTC College of Business building (entry 3) and will contain an office and a dedicated classroom. Lakeland was founded in 1862 in Sheboygan County and has maintained a Green Bay location since 1984.
“Lakeland and NWTC share a vision for a more educated region, and we are passionate about creating easier access for students to achieve their educational goals,” Lakeland President Beth Borgen said. “This move for Lakeland makes so much sense. Many of the students that Lakeland serves in the Green Bay area are NWTC graduates. And now they’ll be able to continue on the pathway to a bachelor’s degree at a campus that already feels like home.”

Lakeland will offer more than a dozen bachelor’s degree programs and four master’s degree programs through the Green Bay Center, with options for online, in-person, or a mix of the two.
“They can transfer to Lakeland, take the first two years here, sometimes even the first three years, and complete their bachelors degree at Lakeland and be ready to go out into the workplace,” said Kathryn Rogalski, Vice President of Learning at NWTC in an interview with FOX 11.

The partnership will allow NWTC graduates to enroll as juniors at Lakeland, receive a 20% tuition discount on undergraduate courses, and receive credit for prior learning as well as up to a full year of academic credit for work completed through Lakeland’s innovative Cooperative Education program. Lakeland University will begin offering classes directly on NWTC’s campus this summer.
Many Lakeland classes begin at 6 p.m. on weekdays. However, the university has been able to adjust and become more accommodating to students.

“That student could actually come for the first week or two and do it in person and then could do the third week online in real-time like this and then come back in person, and then might have to do a week where they’re completely kind of remote,” said Jonathan Feld, VP of Student Affairs and Enrollment at Lakeland University.

“The state of higher ed is changing very very rapidly, so you have to collaborate, you have to think outside the box,” said Lakeland University President Beth Borgen.

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