Mumbai, June 8th, 2020: Lawpreneurz, India’s first digital law learning platform, celebrates its two-year anniversary on the 19thof June. Over the course of this period, it has established itself as a game-changing force in the legal domain in India. Through its commitment to transitioning the learning of law to the digital world, Lawpreneurz has earned the validation of the legal fraternity and developed a loyal subscriber base. As a result, Lawpreneurz is well on its way to reshaping the face of India’s legal education system.

Lawpreneurz was founded in 2017 and launched in 2018 by Raunaq Kakkar, a law graduate from the OP Jindal Global University and avid TEDx speaker. The idea for the platform arose as a result of the learning challenges Raunaq faced on his journey to becoming a lawyer.

With over 1300 law schools and a lack of quality education and infrastructure, law students in India face difficulty fully absorbing the subjects being taught. This knowledge gap results in a generation of lawyers who lack the skills and information necessary to excel in their chosen profession. Lawpreneurz tackles this issue by helping individuals not just learn the fundamentals of the legal profession, but understand the field as well. Through video lectures, notes, an integrated Skype facility, and solved questions and answers which can be accessed at any time, all curated by working professionals in the field, Lawpreneurz allows students to learn at their own pace and comfort.

“Lawpreneurz was founded in 2017 as a direct result of my own experiences during my time as an aspiring lawyer. Coming up through the system gave me a unique understanding of how the legal profession in India worked, and the ways in which it could be improved,” said Raunaq Kakkar, Founder and Director of Lawpreneurz. “In the two years since, we’ve made enormous strides towards reshaping the study of law. We’ve helped over 1500 students, introduced a slew of new features such as Skype sessions and personalised study reports, and built a loyal community of followers and supporters. We look forward to continuing our work for many years to come, still driven by the passion that first inspired us.”

Lawpreneurz is committed to the continuous improvement of its platform through the addition of new features and functionalities for its userbase. Several key updates are planned for the coming months, including first-of-its kind features for the field of Judiciary – a key exam for the majority of law students – and the introduction of law-related entrance exams. Through this move, Lawpreneurz will redefine the learning paradigm for law-related competitive exams.

About us:
Lawpreneurz, India’s first one of its kind digital law learning platform, was launched in 2018, by Raunaq Kakkar, Founder and Director. Designed with the intent of helping legal students better understand their subjects, Lawpreneurz offers a vast selection of video lectures, notes, and frequently asked questions, all curated by working professionals in the field. Lawpreneurz also offers students the opportunity to directly interface with their team via Skype to have their queries resolved. Since its launch, the platform has seen over 1000 members from across the nation’s legal fraternity join its ranks. Alumni of the platform have gone on to experience great success in India’s judicial system, in both the public and private sectors.

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