Lawpreneurz, India’s one-stop platform for legal education announces UPSC and Judiciary Courses

Mumbai, February 28, 2022: Lawpreneurz, India’s one of its kind digital law learning platform announced to widen it scope of course offerings to judiciary and USPC aspirants in India. Founded in 2017, Lawpreneurz has been instrumental in amplifying quality education in the domain of India’s legal education system.

Lawpreneurz’s newly launched courses on UPSC and Judiciary are designed with the purpose to provide innovative solutions to students. This expansion of courses offered has been launched to ease the struggles students face due to constantly evolving nature of the education system.

With unparalleled teaching methodology, the UPSC Courses will aim at helping students fulfil their dream of cracking the much sought after examination. It includes a broad selection of custom made quality videos, solving previous year papers and test series, live doubt solving sessions, all curated by learned professionals in the field of law for reinforced learning. The UPSC curriculum comprises courses on Indian Polity and Governance, Economics, History, Reasoning, Geography, Quantitative Aptitude, Science & Technology, International Relation & Modern India and Environment Ecology & Disaster Management.

The digitization of knowledge in the realm of judiciary will enable the students to gain clarity on topics at their own pace and time, offering a customized learning outcome for all. Students opting for Judiciary courses will be taught subjects such as Hindu Law, Indian Penal Code, Code of Criminal Procedure, Civil Procedure Code, Specific Relief, Law of Evidence, Constitution of India, Limitation Act and Law of Contracts. The fundamentals of these subjects will be taught with the help of well-articulated video lectures backed with extensive notes prepared by top-notch faculty chosen across the country.

Comprehensive learning of the core subjects of UPSC and Judiciary courses will be of considerable help not only in terms of theoretical clarity but also constant availability of the curriculum. The subscription plan for UPSC course is reasonably priced at INR 14,000 and INR 25,000 for two and three years respectively. The Judiciary courses start at as basic as INR 499. The plans are designed in such a way where aspiring lawyers pay for only a year but get access to the courses for a period of two years.

Raunaq Kakkar, the Founder and Director of Lawpreneurz commented, “We are delighted to introduce courses on UPSC and Judiciary. At Lawpreneurz, we are committed to provide one stop solution for legal education where students can realise their dream of cracking some of the toughest competitive examinations in the country. Through our certified courses and highly proficient faculty, we look forward to offer the students an extensive and integrated education in the domain of law.”

Unlimited access to state-of-the-art learning will assist the students to prepare for two of the most competitive examinations in the country and see their dream become reality.

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