LeakSeal:Mastering the Art and Craft of the Profession

Through its unyielding roots in the industry for over 30 years, LeakSeal (India) is a household name when it comes to the best of restoration and waterproofing companies. LeakSeal stands for excellence in all fields of building activities like Waterproofing, Restoration, and Finishing & Structural Glazing. The quality of work has always been a hallmark for LeakSeal. As a result, the firm uses its vast experience & expertise and endeavors towards customer satisfaction by delivering the best products, services, and quality with a professional and systematic approach.

The Inception Saga

The firm was established in the year 1990. However, its roots run deeper than thirty years. It is an offshoot of E.H Hussain & Co., a construction company with over two decades of experience in Mumbai and across India.

Marching with the first step, the business started as waterproofing contractors. Then, it followed the step of pioneering the restoration and rehabilitation of deteriorating structures. Consequently, this prompted the firm to take on interior finishing work including marble and granite flooring and external finishing work like dry cladding. Now in the fourth decade of operations, LeakSeal has earned a reputation i.e. a quality first approach that pays as much attention to modern technology as it does to virtues like integrity and belief in customer satisfaction.

With this tremendous growth, the firm has taken a small step in extended its activities and is also a planning to become a full-fledged construction company in the near future.

About the Founder

Helming affairs at LeakSeal as its Founder is Rashid E. Chauhan. With his passion for construction and obsession, he has been leading the firm for the last 30 years. Quoting this passion, he says,“Construction,cement, and sand are in my blood”. “My Grandfather was a building contractor and developer and my father used to take small contracts. My father and uncle used to discuss construction activities over meals. During school holidays, I used to visit my father’s construction sites”. After hearing, perceiving, and breathing construction, at home, civil engineering came as a natural corollary alongside repairs and waterproofing.

Robust Services

As aforementioned, the firm specializes in innovating, effective, and durable Waterproofing & Restoration solutions. Its strength lies in reputation for perfection, which is backed by a proven record of accomplishment, proven quality, expertise, innovation, workmanship, service, competence, reliability, and most importantly, a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. This fulfillment is substantiated by its impressive list of clients and completed projects.

These clients speak for the firms’ following services:

  • Waterproofing
  • Repairs
  • Rehabilitation
  • Restoration
  • Facade Upliftment
  • Elevation works
  • Painting of Low rise & High Rise Structures

With its extensively broad range of experience and services in the Commercial, Industrial, Hotel & Institutional Sectors, the firm is equipped to handle all sorts of Waterproofing works based on different climatic conditions. LeakSeal has further branched into Structural Repairs, Rehabilitation, Remodeling, Waterproofing, etc. of the most difficult structures.

Customer, Market, and Projects Fluidity

Today, LeakSeal is on par with the best restoration and waterproofing companies in India, undertaking contracts for the entire restoration and waterproofing of building projects. In keeping with current trends, Structural Glazing has also become part of its fast-expanding business.

The firm has handled over 2,500 projects, from residential and commercial to educational and heritage buildings, some of which have won international and national accolades. Maker Chamber VI(Nariman Point), Breach Candy Hospital, Nuclear Power Corporation (Tarapur, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Karnataka & Chennai Turbine Reactors & Plants), Nirmal Lifestyle Residency Complex, IMSC Navy Complex, State Bank of India, IDBI Bank, Mumbai District Central Bank (Heritage Building), Unit Trust of India, I.I.T Powai, Apeejay House are just some of the major renovation projects the company has taken on. In addition, it has successfully executed each project with ingenuity and dedication, irrespective of whether it is a high-profile structure like Maker Chamber VI or an unfussy commercial building like Apeejay House. Till now, LeakSeal has executed various projects exceeding over 2000 buildings, which is a real testament towards its drive for perfection.

For the firm’s contribution to society, it has been bestowed with:

  • International Concrete Repair Institute Merit Award in Low Rise Category in the year 2017
  • CMD’S KAPS Annual Industrial Safety Award in the year 2006
  • Silicon India Top 20 Waterproofing companies in India in the year 2019

Future Brace

For the forthcoming years, the firm will continue to deliver the best of service in waterproofing and repairs. According to the firm, it has a prolonged list of impressive clients and landmark project to which it has served. This positive word of mouth has helped it to grow up to more than 50% in the last 2 years. With such kind of growth, the firm now has diversified to become a full-fledged construction company. Consequently, the firm is much proud of its success and has started undertaking various construction projects in the city of Rajasthan.

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