Leaving No One Behind
UAE editor note | The Knowledge Review
Leaving No One Behind | The Knowledge Review

Raising the education standards in UAE, the Ministry of Education has laid out a national strategy for 2017-2021 to create an advanced education scheme to build a knowledgeable and worldwide productive community. The scheme will include all age categories to satisfy potential labor industry requirement. It shall guarantee the value of the Ministry of Education’s production and provide the finest facilities for inner and external users. The scheme consists of citizenship and responsibility; the principles and values of Islam; commitment and transparency; equality and justice; participation and accountability; science; technology and innovation.

Additionally, benchmarking the performance levels of the education system, the UAE has engaged in numerous global exams to examine and benchmark the achievement rates of its education scheme. These exams include PISA (International Student Assessment Program), TIMSS (International Mathematics and Science Study Trends) and PIRLS (International Reading Literacy Study Progress). In accordance with the National Agenda, which calls for the nation to place among the bottom 20 in PISA by 2021, the UAE got top positions in the Arab world.

Further reforming the teaching system, The UAE has a fresh teacher certification scheme called’ Teacher and Educational Leadership Standards (TELS UAE) and Licensing Programme. The professional licensing scheme for teachers was introduced in 2017 and is expected to be fully implemented by 2021, in line with the requirements of the UAE National Agenda.

Inline of its plan, the leaders have undertaken a significant revision of the school education system after contemplating the multiple elements that enrich teachers ‘ thoughts and minds. The goal behind is to prepare students for the future so that they can be equipped with different skills while instilling noble values, strengthening national identity and stimulating innovation, creativity, and critical thinking in them.

The new structure will prepare the students to gain direct enrollment in engineering, medical and natural sciences programmes in the UAE’s universities and overseas.

-Crescent   CU

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