List of the best B. Tech specializations
  1. Tech is an abbreviation used for Bachelor of Technology, an undergraduate academic degree that offers a vast range of specializations. The B. Tech degree is earned after completing a three-year, four-year, or five-year academic studies program at an accredited university or educational institution. A well-designed B. Tech course is among the most sought-after academic program that offers a professional degree. In this article, you can learn about the best specializations and the b tech admission 2021, which can be your gateway towards an industry-aligned and futuristic career.
  2. Tech is one of the most popular courses in India, and many top-ranked institutes offer courses to aspiring students. Some of India’s most renowned engineering colleges are located in Dehradun, which provides high-quality education with industry-specific knowledge to make graduates employment-ready. Dehradun is the “school capital” of India because it is springing up as an educational hub. Pursue a B. Tech course that can shape your entire professional career.

Here are the best B. Tech specialization that you can choose under a B. Tech degree program: 

Computer Science and Engineering: It is an academic program comprising the scientific and engineering aspects of computing. Computer Science and Engineering primarily deal with designing, implementing, and managing the information system in software and hardware processes. A graduate in computer science engineering is versed in the computation and designs of computational functions.  

Mechanical Engineering: The field of engineering is concerned with studying the design and testing of thermal sensors and mechanical devices, including tools, engines, and machines. Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest engineering disciplines, becoming the most diverse and versatile field.  

Civil Engineering: Civil Engineering is one of the oldest and popular engineering disciplines, expanding across numerous technical specialties. It is a professional degree dealing with designing, constructing, and maintaining physical and naturally built structures.  

Electronics and Communication Engineering: This B. Tech specialization involves research, design, development, and testing of electronic equipment used in different systems. The engineering stream deals with analog transmission, microprocessors, solid-state devices, microwave engineering, wave progression, and satellite communication.  

Aerospace Engineering: This specialization is primarily concerned with the development of aircraft and spacecraft. It has two major and overlapping branches, namely aeronautical engineering and astronautical engineering. It is considered to be one of the most challenging and most prominent branches of engineering. The graduates of this specialization are versed to enter the fields related to aerospace engineering. 

Petroleum Engineering: The petroleum engineering field of the B. Tech course deals with the activities related to the production of hydrocarbon, crude oil, or natural gas. Major activities involved in petroleum engineering involve the development of equipment used for oil and gas extraction. The graduates of petroleum engineering can develop technology to produce hydrocarbons from gas fields and oil shale.

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Engineering: It is a branch of engineering dealing with generating energy by processing organic and inorganic sources. This is a unique field of engineering that focuses on renewable energy that can be the driving force in the dynamic industries in the coming years.

  1. Tech courses are in high demand across the globe. With a B. Tech degree in hand, you can pursue a global career. Being an internationally recognized degree, a B. Tech graduate can seek employment on national and international platforms. The degree can also earn you occupation in the public and private sectors, ensuring job security. Hone the most sought-after skills and enter the field of science to top grow limitlessly. Sign in now to know more about the B. Tech specialization that can bring you closer to a dream career!

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