“Live with no Excuses and Explore with no Regrets”

We often say “Keep exploring, keep dreaming, and keep asking” but we forget to ask the reason behind it. The prime ingredient behind this saying is “an occurrence that has never been experienced before”- Exotic experience and internal feeling enhances emotional connection to nature and places we visit. It even encourages a desire to foster similar connections among other places. United Arab Emirates is one such cosmopolitan country which offers various attractive elements for tourists across the world. This country has buildup its image as one the fastest growing country of this region. Besides visiting worth seeing places, travelers can also enjoy mouth-watering traditional food of UAE across the country. Whether we have chosen Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman or Ras Al Khaimah, we will get the chance to enjoy best traditional food everywhere.

When we do some research about Traditional food of UAE, we will find that most of the traditional food of UAE has very rich and unique taste. It has lot of spices like Indian food. Traditional dishes contain rice, fish and meat as main ingredients. Arabs are generally used to consume sheep and goats to obtain meat. Whereas on special occasions like Eid and wedding functions people also use camels to make traditional UAE dishes. But restaurants serve dishes that are made up of camel meat and that is served all over the year for tourists and visitors. Following are the 5 must try traditional food of UAE that include:

Stuffed Camel

Stuffed Camel is one of the very amazing and popular dishes of UAE. It is also mentioned in Guiness Book of World Records as one of the biggest dishes served in this world. Usually rich families serve this dish in wedding ceremonies. Major ingredients of this dish include whole camel, one lamb, 20 chickens, boiled eggs, fish and rice. In order to cook they stuffed whole camel with other major ingredients. This is one of the very amazing dishes across the globe that will let traveller enjoy a very delicious dish made from roasted camel.

Al Harees

Al Harees is another famous dish of UAE with highly exotic taste. It is made up of meat and wheat. It is very simple and elegant dish with very few ingredients but with longer cooking duration. This dish commonly served during Ramadan, wedding and Eid festivals. Wheat and meat with a pinch of salt cooked together in boiling water for hours until the both components of this mixture make smooth paste that will be further cooked in a covered clay pot with coal almost overnight. People enjoy simple salty flavor with rich taste of meat and wheat. we can also add other spices to enhance its taste to satisfy our taste buds. Al Harees served after topping local ghee on it in flat plates.


Shawarma is the most eaten food across this country. Even it has also become famous in Asian countries as well. It can be made with lamb or chicken. Different restaurants serve this dish in different manner. Commonly they mix garlic sauce, pickles, fries and tomatoes and wrap it in Arabic Roti. This dish is more like kebab. Taste and preparation method can be different from one place to other. Irrespective to all these facts, it never show any decline in its popularity and demand. In UAE people used to order Shawarma with a special fruit drink made from blending strawberry and banana.

It is not actually a dish, rather it is a famous dip made from chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice, tahini paste, salt and garlic. It is served with other dishes like Shawarma and pita bread. It is also a perfect appetizer. It is very unique in taste.

Al Machboos

It is a famous traditional dish of UAE. Important ingredients are rice, meat, onion and dried lemon (Loomy). Other seasoning includes spices and salt. In order to cook this dish all the ingredients are coke well in boiling water till they become tender. Then meat is separated and rice is added in remaining mixture and this mixture cooked well. After that meat is again added in this mixture of rice and vegetables and cooked again for two hours. This dish is one of the favorites across gulf area.

Top five must try traditional food of UAE that will add more taste and fun to people UAE trip. People will definitely enjoy dining out at UAE.

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