Lovely Professional University: Revolutionising Education in India

As India is still looming in the line of developing nations, Educators in India have recognised that the Indian education system needs to budge more attention toward the arts and commerce domain. Catering to this need of this country, Lovely Professional University, through its School of Journalism, Film Production and Creative Arts, is transforming the less explored vocations.

In order to push India towards becoming a developed country and at the same time to remove India from the bracket of developing nations, the prominent educators of India at Lovely Professional University ventured into the business education sector and brought laurels with the help of its school called Mittal School of Business. While the school focuses on enhancing the business education sector in India, it has also realised that the country needs good business leaders. Under the leadership of Mr Ashok Mittal and Pro-Chancellor Mrs Rashmi Mittal, the school has given many prominent leaders in the field of commerce and Arts.

Through ‘Transforming India by Transforming Education,’ LPU has achieved extraordinary milestones and created an excellent education ecosystem for passionate young students. As the arts and commerce are the two pillars that support and strengthen the sciences field, LPU aims to revolutionise education in India.

Department of Fine Art (Under School of Journalism, Film Production and Creative Arts)

The Department of Fine Arts at LPU has been a leading institute in North India since 2005. Since its inception, LPU has come a truly long way and has become one of the top universities in India with provisions of world-class education for its students. Benchmarked curriculum with input from industry experts, guest lectures, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, art fairs, and art festivals for professional development are some regular happenings for the students in LPU’s Fine Arts department. Well-equipped infrastructure with spacious studios and professional equipment such as terracotta and metal casting & ceramic furnace, photography, and printmaking labs are easily accessible to students. Earning while learning with projects, internships, and on-job training makes LPU students the country’s most skilled and employable professionals.

Value Construct and Outlook

The Lovely Professional University envisions all its Schools to be globally recognised. The Fine Arts School aims to gain admiration for shaping creative artists and professionals through visualisation, design, and aesthetic execution, based on appreciation and research of social concerns, to produce inspiring art and design to create the desired impact on social consciousness.

The Fine Arts School strives to groom artists and professionals with unique styles by cultivating creative visualisation and aesthetic expression skills. Some of the other aspects of the school’s vision are listed below:

  • To build a rigorous research culture to understand social challenges and inspire budding artists and designers to influence social consciousness.
  • To produce global artists and designers with an entrepreneurial spirit to adopt new techniques and technology for creating art and design of lasting value.
  • To establish a connection with the industry to understand and transfer their evolving skill requirements and create the desired opportunities for graduates.

Priorities and Course Objectives

The School of Journalism, Film Production and Creative Arts provides an insight into its teaching priorities and course objective as below:

  • Conceptual development: Analyse concepts and innovate a series of works.
  • Analysis and Synthesis: Analyse the progress of human civilisation through the study of art, materials, techniques and technologies, and synthesise the learning to create contemporary designs.
  • Creative Visualisation: Conceptualise new compositions and design.
  • Design of Solutions: Creatively visualise design problems and solutions as per evolving technology and the industry’s need.
  • Creativity: Demonstrate creative capacity to visualise and create new compositions, forms, or productions.
  • Communication: Effectively communicate and critique creative ideas and artworks
  • Mix Media: Experiment through amalgamating various mediums for creative artwork
  • Design/development of solutions: Function effectively as an individual to develop and execute projects using appropriate technology and per the industry’s needs.

The Department of Fine arts has all the potential to enhance the growth of students. From the start of the semester, a rich curriculum provides them with a platform to learn every element of the specialised field. Throughout the course, the fine arts students get the opportunity to cover all the areas of fine arts fields such as Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Printmaking, and AppliedArts. After that, they can opt for their specialisation areas.

In the second year, students work on their chosen subjects. The department provides a benchmarked syllabus in practical theories, research, projects, internships, and job training with valuable opportunities.

Students are also given national/international exposure via art fairs, art festivals, and art exhibitions. The University also arranges workshops with eminent national/international artists.

Leading Ahead with Creativity

Department of Fine arts helps students to think creatively across inter disciplines such as science, arts, and research. The University constantly ensures that they are exposed to all the opportunities and training that will enable them to fulfil their artistic potential.

Mittal School Of Business(Commerce Course Provide)

Mittal School of Business is one of India’s foremost ‘Business Schools’ recognised for its industry-oriented curriculum, interactive, hands-on pedagogy, and intense industry interface. The school attracts students from different parts of the world and provides a multidisciplinary campus and multicultural environment suffused with student activity. The school offers par excellence academic rigour in Commerce studies, whether Bachelors, Masters or PhD in Commerce. It ensures the overall development of its graduate, postgraduate, and doctorate students, grooming them for successful entrepreneurship and global careers. Commerce has always been a highlight of Mittal School of Business. Time and again, Commerce studies have brought laurels to Mittal School of Business and eventually LPU.

Extensive Business Program

In a unique Indian and International education model, LPU’s unique B.Com.program(2+2 with International Credit Transfer Option) provides an opportunity for the students where they spend the initial part of their degree at LPU and the balance number of years of the degree at a foreign University. This is facilitated through special articulation agreements that LPU has with top foreign Universities to offer specific programs in collaboration.

Furthermore, LPU has tied up with the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), the USA, to provide students with an opportunity to acquire internationally recognised certification – Certified Management Accountant (CMA) through its unique program B.Com. (Management Accounting and International Finance). This program opens up a world of opportunities for undergraduate students who want to upskill themselves in critical accounting and financial skills needed for today’s complex and dynamic business environment, providing greater credibility, higher earning potential, and ultimately a seat at the leadership table.

Advanced Business Learning

LPU provides office space & equipment, technology support, and seed capital to nurture the upcoming entrepreneurial talents for viable projects. LPU’s Business Development mentors assist students with entrepreneurship training and guidance in starting a venture, thus making it more robust and approachable for the individual who has high ambition. University also counts the importance of activities closely linked to capacity building by conducting skill development events like hackathons, masterclasses, technical guest lectures, industry interactions, and panel discussions.

Considering the fourth industrial revolution, the due focus is on equipping commerce students with the skills to thrive in tomorrow’s world. Through its unique industry-oriented curriculum, students are encouraged to analyse critically, provide creative solutions and make ethical judgments about increasingly complex global business problems. To align the students’ knowledge with the changing technological trends, a wide range of software-based courses and simulations are offered to the students that provide hands-on experience of the real-time working of the businesses.

A Glimpse of the Future

Mittal School of Business is leading the way in equipping the students to become future-ready and play a catalytic role in nation-building. Robust industry partnerships, research-oriented faculty, world-class infrastructure, strong alumni network, and guidance of the Corporate Advisory Board composed of industry thought leaders had enabled MSB to quickly emerge as a premier Business School in India. Carving a niche of its own, MSB offers the finest and world-class education to its students, and the same will continue in the times to come with the collaborative efforts of all the stakeholders.

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