Lu Wenyong: Bringing Happiness to People by Positively Impacting their Lives with Business and Entrepreneur Mindset
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A business leader, entrepreneur, and a man who wants children to grow happily. We are talking about Lu Wenyong, the Founder and CEO of Kuaipeilian.

The protagonist of today’s story is a business leader, entrepreneur, and a man who wants children to grow happily. We are talking about Lu Wenyong, the Founder and CEO of Kuaipeilian.

Rated as ‘Forbs 30 Under 30’, Lu was born in 1987 and attempted to begin his first company while still studying at  University for his bachelor’s degree . After graduating in 2010, he entered a group-buying company, and was eventually placed in charge of his marketing department. Though Lu has a strong passion for doing his own business, still, he choose to join Baidu, the Chinese Google, to obtain working experience in a big company. After two-year of  intensive learning, he left Baidu and received an attractive offer from Rongchang Laundry, the largest chain laundry group in China, who eager to grab new business opportunities in the Internet era. Therefore, Lu joined this new business as the Co-Founder and CEO, and brought a new brand – eWash, which soon became China’s largest internet laundry business. The hardworking experience in Baidu and outstanding performance of eWash brought  assistance from two of the largest Chinese Internet giants, Tencent and Baidu, who liberally gave more than $120 million in funding. eWash was a great success in some way, however, Lu still had passion to do his “own business”. After leaving eWash in 2017, he developed a quality-oriented education brand called “Weilaicheng Education” with the concept to enable kids to develop happily living, offering them with a better way to have a life-long interest.

The above-given para merely summarizes the journey of Lu in becoming a world leader. Obviously, there were many hurdles in his life, which he overcame to reach where he is today. When he earned his name as a young and ambitious internet industry entrepreneur in 2017 and resigned as the CEO of eWash alongside deciding to pursue the educational sector, many misgivings and queries were raised.

Lu recalls to the past two decades when life was simple. In comparison, the Internet today has totally revamped many industries. Most benefit from such scenarios, but there will always be persons and organizations failing on the other side. Hence, for Lu as an ‘outsider’, it was quite challenging as such personalities are not welcomed for traditional education industry practitioner. Another obstacle faced by Lu was not being a parent, which would give people an opportunity to judge his abilities and also lead to stereotyping by saying “LU doesn’t know about children education”. However, Lu did not keep such incidents at heart and always looked towards the positive side. As an outsider, he believed that his mind will not be limited by the old rules of this industry. Consequently, he was able to provide new ideas and blood for the industry.

Before the first day of working as an educational company, Lu had spent remarkable efforts into studying, researching, and communicating with the teachers, professors, and practitioners. “I’m doing this not just as a business, but for more kids to have a better education experience”.

Being a wise person, Lu also knows that earning trust and building relationship takes time and, in the end, it definitely carries a positive outcome. Under his leadership, Kuaipeilian has made cooperation and received more and more endorsement from education industry KOLs. They even have fashioned a program called Kuaipeilian Music Academy (快陪练音乐课堂) where piano teachers can opt for online and offline classes. Till date, there are over 30 KOLs working with the school, with over 70,000 piano teachers studying on the platform.

Presenting the Key to Happiness

According to Lu, most people born in the 80s were not able to develop their own interests from childhood. Some may have the opportunity to participate in various interest activities during college. But with China’s rapid growth, now time has changed and the current parents can provide more opportunities for their children to develop relevant interests.

Lu says that he was very passionate about art since college and had a lot of interests and hobbies to make himself happy. He comprehends that a happy person must always strive to improve his/her own quality and find his/her own point of interest and attain a steady sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. He thinks that this is the reason behind the citizens being pursuing quality education after they obtain basic test-oriented education. To conclude, Lu asserts, “I hope that students from all over the country can find their true interest which can bring long-term happiness to their life”.

About Kuaipeilian

Lu cites that 30 years ago, there was a low percentage of kids learning piano. There were two reasons behind this; first was the most common one i.e. financial issue. The second one is that learning and practicing piano is a rather lonely thing, especially for kids, who need to be accompanied and a lot of encouragement during the learning process. This situation still limits the development of piano learning till now, not only China but also worldwide. This is where Kuaipeilian comes in and imparts quality education whose core method advocates happy learning and gets children to be truly interested in the piano. The school has a scientific curriculum system jointly with the psychology education experts and national well-known music education experts. These experts ensure that the children’s interests in practicing piano are scientifically and professionally aroused and guide them towards the practice of happy piano.

Kuaipeilian joins the quality-oriented education sector on the basis of bilateral activities. It currently offers skilled one-on-one online piano buddy classes for kids aged 4-16. Professional buddy educators will correct mistakes and provide interest-oriented guidance to assist pupils to finish faster piano learning after school in the piano teaching methods.

Kuaipeilian works around core values which are: fast, sincere, result-oriented, helpful to others, and all-in-all for user’s experience. The group believes that the product, efficiency, and organizing capacity are the lasting power of any business operation. Its vision is to pursue excellent teachers and service quality and become the best company in the field of quality-oriented education.

After a year of hard work, the group rapidly joined the online buddy category industry in 2018 and supplied people with high-quality online facilities. Kuaipeilian has become a dark horse in the sector of quality education with excellent customer development and cash flow resources. Kuaipeilian announced in April that it has a $10 million Pre-A round funding on the online piano buddy class platform.

Kuaipeilian has a professional team of buddy players who are cautiously selected over the course of six robust exams. The scientific curriculum system is jointly developed by the children’s psychological education experts and the nationally renowned music education experts. The teachers have rich experiences in buddy teaching and they interact better with children and let them enjoy and have the fun of practicing the piano with quality products and services, making piano practicing a happy activity.

Keeping Keen Eyes on Chinese Education

China’s big population contributes to an enormous educational industry and wide prospective industry. At the national level, the country is prioritizing on optimizing the education methodologies and teaching contents alongside carrying out new and better education models under the digitalization era. All the elements of education are advancing and evolving in a stronger path. It is also considered that through the education industry’s top-down initiatives, institutions can provide a stronger teaching atmosphere for Chinese kids, stronger instructional assets, fairer teaching possibilities, and a stronger future.

Additionally, as a result of one-child policy over the previous centuries, families will devote as much energy as they can on education for children, which further raises the prospective educational industry. With more and more companies taking part in the competition, it has become increasingly intense.

Obviously, Lu doesn’t consider it as a bad thing and on the contrary perceives it as opportunities and challenges, which directly promote the establishment of the industry standards. Hereafter, educational institutions and educational practitioners have to have more sense of urgency and then promote the progress of the industry. He also says that those who truly have a social responsibility and capability will stand out no matter what. Kuaipeilian in the same way, do not consider it a difficult problem as it is confident enough to understand its goals, direction, and constantly innovate, improve, conduct self-examination, and create breakthroughs. Consequently, this makes Kuaipeilian face any complications with ease and makes it a force to reckon with in the education sector.

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