Luxaire: Efficiently Innovative & Seamlessly Comfortable

The details of your home decor are important whether you are seeking a fan or a light that speaks to your taste or prefer one that is less conspicuous, Luxaire has solutions to help you meet your goals. Leading innovation, passionate artistry, superior craftsmanship, and never settling for anything less than ordinary– that’s the world of Luxaire.

We at The Knowledge Review are delighted to introduce you to Nisha Kukrejah, the Founder & Marketing Head of Luxaire. We’ve had the privilege to understand and exhibit her professional journey at Luxaire that is driving industrial trends with eclectic lifestyle for consumers.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

Kindly brief us about Luxaire and its USP to give our readers a clear picture of your company. 

Miss Nisha: Luxaire has redefined the concept of ceiling fans and made them into statement pieces- be it Home, Offices, Hotels or Resorts. Incepted in the Year 2012, with its Flagship store in Bangalore, Luxaire luxury fans offer a comprehensive range of unique Designer Ceiling Fans, with unique aesthetics, brilliant craftwork that goes beyond the traditional luxury market in India. Going beyond the industrial trends, Luxaire Fans blends with the eclectic lifestyle of its consumers. Right from air movement, motor performance to energy efficiency, Luxaire has introduced several first-timers in India. Luxaire remains the first Brand in India to start BLDC Motor Designer Fans, in the Luxury Space along with WHISPER quiet functionality & optimal air efficiency. Luxaire is an ode to an often-under-appreciated decorative element that can actually define an entire space. The wide range of fans includes exquisite, original contemporary & antique Victorian finishes, specially designed for bespoke living that include Silent wooden fans, Reversible color fans, high speed & Green technology SMART fans. With over 70 innovative designs and 650SKUs, Luxaire has surpassed the industry standards and has strongly captured the luxury fan market in India. It is a PAN India brand catering design-conscious clientele like celebrities, professionals & the self-employed, with boutique showrooms at three locations in India- Bangalore, Hyderabad & Kochi. Even though we are not present in a few

big cities, our clients are happy to visit our experience centers, as they understand luxury fans to be an important feature in new interiors.

Miss Nisha, kindly tell us about your professional journey. What are your roles and responsibilities as Founder & Marketing Head of Luxaire? 

Miss Nisha: Prior to Luxaire, I was associated with the corporate world in S&M roles. Being the Founder and Marketing Head, I play a dual role for the brand. One of my key responsibilities involves, making sure I get my finger on the market pulse, in terms of my clients’ hearts, minds and their engagement. Supporting the marketing strategy, product marketing & brand expansion, keeps my hands full.

What was your motive behind stepping into your respective industry? 

Miss Nisha: Luxaire Luxury Fans was born out of a need for aesthetic yet functional ceiling fans- that were unavailable in India. Moreover, the only ‘Decorative Fan’ options were (that are till today) mass producing commercial fans from China. So we decided to go off the beaten path to deliver the best global range of luxury ceiling & pedestal fan designs for a discerning clientele- who were well-heeled and design-conscious. If Louis Vuitton can sell a bag worth 1 Lac with snob value, then why not a Luxaire Fan with exclusivity & 15 years Nisha service. There is no doubt that India is a growth story, where the luxury market has also seen massive consumption changes. Luxaire bids goodbyes to white, noisy and boring three-bladed typical fans, and opens the fifth wall to endless possibilities of designer fans. Overall, we have seen how the digital-led transformation has shaped us and many industries along with synergistic partnerships, we are well poised to see our growth story pan out in the next few years.

What aspect of your products or services makes your company stand out for the clients you cater to? 

Miss Nisha: Our product offerings which spread across 360 Designs and 650 SKUs, offer a fantastic design-based solution instead of just any ceiling fan. We have options from 1 blade, 2 blades & up to 10 blades with HVLS fans. Most of our luxury fans, have BLDC Motor and also green tech options. We’re one of the only brands in India to offer custom possibilities & materials from wood to cloth blades. Having said that, we cater fans for designer homes, hotels and restaurants or breweries, indeed a great mix of victorian, funky, resort-style, outdoor, modern, contemporary themed fans for different interior themes. Above everything else, we spend valuable time first understanding our client’s requirements & then offering them a solution that will actually meet that requirement. This personalized service along with a vast detailing of the product helps to differentiate from others who merely focus on selling the product.

How does Luxaire sustain its competency in the market? 

Miss Nisha: When we started Luxaire, people were amazed to see such a variety of exclusivity, high quality or 15 years of motor warranty fans. These were unheard of, even in the electronics industry, though we do not categorize ourselves in that industry. Moreover, we remain true to our focus of offering the very best branded models from across the globe & do not merely pick up from China & sell in India as most other people do. This policy helped us in maintaining our USP in the market.

What is your opinion about technological developments and recent trends going on in the industry?

Miss Nisha: Among the consumption graph, as per the age group, those above 40-50 years in India already own a luxury car & home, and now seek newer luxury products which command status and uniqueness. On the other hand, millennials want new technology. This is where Luxaire has found its sweet spot. We have the perfect amalgamation of Uber Unique Models as well as Smart Fans for the latter with 65-80% energy savings.

Also, the other trend, especially when it comes to our category is ‘Green Consumption’. Luxaire BLDC fans have the rare distinction of good design & eco-consciousness, since our brushless DC motor fans are remote controlled, silent and consume the least energy- between 8-30 watts. We help decision makers Go Green in style & we believe that by blending technology & design, we can effectively help in reducing our carbon footprint. 

How do you envision Luxaire’s future for the upcoming years? What plans do you have for the company in terms of expansion and new product? 

Miss Nisha: The future for the Industry is technology, innovation and smart designs. We at Luxaire, are committed to the same. Our road-map is to resonate the brand philosophy with exclusivity, and that has helped in bringing a lot of industrialist or celebrity clients on board- but of late, there has been a lot of franchise interest for Luxaire Luxury Fans and we are considering options. We stay true to our Strategy and do not get lured by cutting corners and tactics.

Having said that, we are now aiming to be the most preferred brand in the designer and luxury ceiling fan category & would like to be visible at all vantage points across the country. There is also a lot of dealer interest in smaller cities & towns, so we expect to be there in every major city in the next three years.

From a product perspective, we would like to bring about a sea change with regards to the models currently available in the market with the objective of generating a “WoW” response  from the onlooker every time. Fast fashion is the way forward & our collection & styles would also reflect this trend so as to offer something new & exciting ever three months & thus stay relevant to our target audience of architects, interior designers & design conscious end users.

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