M.A.D School: Fashions the Physical World in the Light of Eternal Ideas

“We think, creativity without thinking is no better than a blank canvas. The survival of the fittest is an adage of the past. Right now, it’s about thriving with forward thinking”

There are many schools that lay claim to be teaching technical skill sets, but only a few can hone the strategic thinking skills. In this world the chaff is always separated from the wheat, the world rejects the ones that can’t think strategically. Strategic thinking can get you on the top of the world and helps the ones that are already perched on the top. Evolving continuously is their motto and they plan to stay ahead of the digital game. It actually takes a lot more than just planning to truly thrive. The M.A.D school imparts the students with the skill set, the know-how, the experience and all that many other schools promise but can’t do justice to. The exceptional creative and strategic skills taught in this school are way beyond the imagination of the other school.

M.A.D. School by Chatsworth Mediart Academy was established in 2003 at Singapore. This school offers very unique MAD formula, a powerful program that integrates marketing, advertising, and design. This school has partnered with industry professionals and leaders, and hence their curriculum evolves as the market evolves. Change is constant; to stay ahead of the game, they challenge the norms and existing education boundaries. The M.A.D School is well known to embrace all cultures and beliefs, as they believe that it is these exact differences between one another will help their students create better creative work. They don’t just say things for the sake of saying. The school remains closed for all festive occasion celebrated by all major races in Singapore e.g. Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali, Christmas etc.

Prominent Features of this Institution

This institution is the first to integrate Marketing, Advertising & Design into the Professional Diploma in Advertising & Design programme and were noted by Channel NewsAsia as the pioneer in curating such “new education” (https://www.madschool.edu.sg/channel-newsasia). M.A.D school is located in Clarke Quay, which is one of the most notable places of interest for drinking, eating & partying in Central Singapore.

Overseeing the majestic view of Singapore River and neighbouring some of the biggest global creative agencies, MAD School hopes the vibrancy in this area can help students bring out their creativeness and inspire them to reach new heights.

About the Demiurgic Educationalist

Michelle Lim is the Chancellor and Founder of MAD School. She believes that everyone can be creative and deserve a chance at the creative industry if they are equipped with the right skills. She has, since 1996, been involved actively in tertiary education and lifelong learning. Through her extensive connection with the professionals from the marketing, advertising and design industry, she has been able to transform the education industry in just a short span of three years. Her social enterprise Make The Change is an extension of her education philosophy. She makes time to have frequent talks with the head honchos of various creative & advertising agencies so as to understand the needs of this industry in order to better equip the students with the right skills when they graduate. Her Bachelor of Science in Management studies was awarded to her by the University of London. Michelle makes it sure that the students at the university are involved in social community projects under the membership of creative directors who contribute their creative skills and strategic thinking for social sector organisations and community projects.

Words of Trust

“My M.A.D. experience was exactly what I needed to propel me into Advertising, in addition to providing me with the right combination of skills to form a strong creative foundation. My thinking skills were also developed and challenged through each project and that has made me stand out from the crowd today.” – Tommy Lai (D&AD & Crowbar Award winner) Copywriter at R/GA

“I was inspired by so many peers of similar or worse family backgrounds who were as hungry as I was to succeed. The school staff helped me to achieve my full potential while the lecturers challenged me to strive harder.” – Andy Xu (D&AD & Crowbar Award winner) Art Director at Ogilvy & Mather

International links and collaborations

The students of M.A.D School get to go overseas for trips to places like New York, Thailand and South Korea on an annual basis to learn from different practitioners and cultures through classroom training, competitions & advertising events. They also work with 4As (Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies in Singapore) and Workforce Singapore to place students into marketing roles in local companies by funding up to 90% of their salary and upgrading of digital marketing skill sets.

Professional workshops in Creative Thinking

There are various workshops that this school organises for its students, and one such workshop is the creative thinking workshop, where students are taught the method to construct, create and develop ideas that can be applied across ‘n’ number of mediums and platforms. Through such workshops students are made to understand the difference between effectiveness and creativity. They learn how creative process fit into the planning process.

Financial Aids granted by the University

In partnership with social enterprise ‘Make The Change’, MAD School provides scholarship on an annual basis to students who are interested to join the school but are restricted financially. We have granted, not only well bodied applicants, person with disabilities for this scholarship too.

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