Making Lives Easier – Must Have Apps for Students
Making Lives Easier
Making Lives Easier

“Time is more value than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.” –  Jim Rohn

The world is moving at a much faster rate today and it has become essential to complete every task as quickly as possible.  The most common thing heard from most youngsters upon not completing a task is the shortage of time. The unavailability of resources may also be another issue which can add to their woes. University is especially a crucial time for them and adds on to the pressure. Student’s lives need some source to make things easier to handle and save plenty of time. This is where technology comes into play. With the advent of cellphones things have become easier for today’s generation. There is a wide range of mobile applications that aim to assist the users with their work.

Below is a list of apps that may prove to be useful for students and help them with the day to day tasks. – A lot of people today lead hectic lives and are constantly multitasking. In the midst of this chaos, something surely tends to be left out. In order to avoid this, a person can start making lists. A lot of them use manual lists written in diaries with the tasks of the day. Even something as simple as buying a pack of milk can be made a part of the list. But for those who want to keep things simpler, can help in organizing one’s life. The lists can also be synchronized with the cloud so that none of them are lost in the abyss of the internet. As and when the tasks are completed, one can tick them off. A completed list of tasks can also help in boosting the confidence of youngsters as it shows their capabilities.

Splitwise – This application is a lifesaver for those who are slightly weak on the financial aspect. It allows people to plan out their expenses and incase some of it needs to be split among friends, it’s easy to do so. It also allows people to form groups and handle the expenses accordingly. Upon expenditure among a group, the app automatically splits the costs between the members and helps in settling the costs. This can help in making students’ lives easier and help them plan their finances efficiently.

Google Pay – Speaking of finances, making payments is one where students tend to face problems. The unavailability of cash or just the general inability of paying in cash can now be sorted using this app. The application syncs with the bank account and when making payments one just needs to enter the number or scan a code. This transfers money directly from one account to the other without any hassles. Students who face a shortage of cash anytime can now get funds transferred from their homes in an instant. It also helps if the person needs to make a small payment which cannot be covered using a card. This also saves time of going all the way to deposit the money in an individual’s bank account and waiting two days to make sure they have received.

Duolingo – This is a very interesting application for those students interested in learning new languages. The app gives a basic introduction to various foreign languages and also has interactive exercises for students. One can also find various fictional languages in the application as well, which makes it immensely fun. These languages skills can definitely come of use, when one travels beyond the comforts of their home country.

LetsIntern – Students upon nearing the end of their academic journey look forward to gaining some sort of work experience. This maybe mainly related to their course or maybe some skills related to it. This is when they seek internships and finding them is sometimes difficult while it is even harder to decide their authenticity. In this situation, youngsters can look towards LetsIntern which has a constantly updated list of internships. The options are plenty along with guidance given as well. This is a must have for students as it will help supplement their learning journey with more knowledge and not to mention certifications as well.

Forest – This is the app one will need to have on their phones to give themselves a timeout from their phones. Constantly using any form of technological device may also hamper the youngsters’ progress. This application allows them to set a certain time limit during which they won’t be able to use the phone. This also allows them to not grow an addiction towards the phones and will ensure that they utilize time in the right manner.

The right utilization of technology can be beneficial to the lives of youngsters and help in saving their time which can rather be used in better ways. The aforementioned apps play an important role in easing tasks for students and assist them in performing things in an organized manner.   


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