Makoons Preschool: Providing Immersive Programs for Holistic Development

Young minds of today are the future of society. It isn’t just the responsibility of the parents but the complete social structure to help them grow right. The kids learn from their home environment as much as they do from outside it. The first social setting that they face outside the home is generally that of a preschool.

With the changing dynamics of the social fabric, kids now venture out of their homes at a very tender age. The impact that a preschool has at this stage is crucial as it shapes their attitude towards school and learning for a lifetime. The care and understanding that they receive at preschools go a long way in their development. Therefore, parents look for a preschool that they can trust.

 Makoons Preschool is one such trusted play school franchise that has wowed the parents with its services and kids with its nurturing environment. Makoons’ Programs are developed for the overall development of a child with methods and techniques never before used in preschool education.

Education with Fun

 Makoons’ mission is to provide the highest quality Preschool Education which is fun and stimulating for young children. With a motto of holistic development of a child, the school aims to nurture them so that they come out confident, smart and are ready for the challenges ahead. The school believes that early childhood learning should combine fun and enjoyment to teach various concepts as the child learns easily through these. The simple concepts like counting, alphabets, colors, birds, animals, etc. can be taught using flashcards, visuals and also through drawings.

Makoons follows these methods effectively to teach the children making the whole experience a fun, frolic and amusement filled activity for every one of them. This methodology ensures the maximum development with the least efforts by the child.

Makoons Pre School conducts the following programs, keeping in view the active and experimental learning requirements of the child (aged 1.2 – 12 yrs):

  • Toddler’s Club
  • Play Group
  • Nursery
  • Jr KG
  • Sr KG
  • Daycare
  • Activity center

Establishing a Parent-Teacher Connection

 Makoons preschool believes that parents and teachers are the two pillars who make kids stand firm on their feet. This calls for better coordination and understanding between the parents and the teachers. To facilitate the same Makoons strongly puts efforts towards actively involving the parent in all the activities related to their child.

The idea is to make the parent aware of the child’s progress and the way the child is being groomed for settling in a regular school. The school regularly arranges different interactions with parents in the school premises so that they come and have a fair idea of the methods and the way of teaching. These activities are changed to suit the timing and availability of the parents for them to conveniently attend.

Makoons also has a parent app, namely, EMakoons where they can see vital information about their child and daily activities updates. This app provides a convenient way to connect with the school and know about the happenings.

Grooming Kids

 To groom kids for the life ahead, Makoons explores and utilizes various educational equipment and gadgets for continuously evolving its teaching methods. The child is the center of all these activities and hence it keeps on the lookout for new trends and modifications about teaching. This helps in dealing with every child because every one of them has different understanding capacities.

The management believes that the strength of the program is in the dedication of the teaching staff. Teachers create a kind, caring atmosphere to foster imagination and creativity. At Makoons, the teachers give one to one attention to every kid. Their observations about a child’s behaviour and progress in learning new things are critical for a child’s growth and parents’ knowledge.

Accordingly, the preschool suggests what improvements parents need to make to bring out the best of their child. Keeping the interaction open, parents are also encouraged to suggest to teachers their ideas and suggestions without hesitation.

Eyes on Growth

In the recent years, Makoons has emerged as a fast-growing Pre School Chain coving 7 states and 16 cities through its 70+ centres.  It also offers franchise opportunities to extend the preschool chain. The setup cost of Makoons is ideal for any budding entrepreneur who wants to get into the playschool business. It also offers complete support to the franchise to reach their best potential. Opening a preschool franchise with Makoons can, therefore, turn out to be a wise business decision.

Makoons has been awarded as the “Top Preschool Brand of India” at the 6th School Leadership Summit at Le Meridien, Delhi. It was also adjudged as the “Best Preschool Franchise” in National Business Leadership & Service Excellence Awards, 2017 and “Best Pre School Chain of the year award “ at Brand Icon Award  2019 .

Makoons has grown to run seventeen branches all across India in a very short period and the management team is committed to making it a leading preschool brand. The team comprises of professionals who have dedicated their experience towards achieving excellence in the field of education. They have been on the boards of various formal and preschool education system and have hands-on experience in creating some of the best brand names in the field of education.

Each of Makoons’ center operates in line with its core values developed by the management. The team says, “We continually work to earn the trust placed in us and strive each day to be the best providers of early childhood education in the community we serve.”

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