Malaga Institute of Technology SLL – MIT School: Redefining Student’s Holistic Growth
Malaga Institute of Technology SLL- MIT School
Malaga Institute of Technology SLL - MIT School

Small changes can make a big difference.

Along the developmental progression, the evolutionary timeline has been generating the need for humans to adapt to change throughout their life. These basic needs are essential in the growth and development of the human race and have made various efforts and implied essential measures for ensuring a better future.

This ideated future-centric mindset and the correct measures to promise better development have proved that the human mind is not only extremely capable but also intelligent for the socio-economic development of society.

Such a mindset has been the key aspect of global advancement in the education niche. These essential changes, followed by an optimistic attitude, have been possible with the introduction of education around the globe.

Education is an important part of contemporary society that has been playing a vital role in the advancements of human civilisation. Parallelly, inclusive leadership in the space of education is uplifting society with Málaga Institute of Technology SLL —MIT School.

Under the light of its Principal, Javier Díaz Cabrera, the institution has been aiming to provide better education to the people.

In the following story, we will walk through the lifeline of MIT and learn about the ways it provides better education.

Journey to Become a Prestigious Institution

The world has been shifting towards advancement, and in the process, MIT leaves no leaf unturned. Travelling has been the prime factor in the developmental changes that have been introduced to the world. While travelling, humans have learned and adapted the traditions and methods of various countries that have been grabbing the global spotlight. And the most important thing that humans have learnt from each other is language.

As known worldwide, the acquired knowledge of the regional language of any country is essential in the modern era. This has given rise to the inclusion of different languages in the school curriculum.

To ensure that the students have proper knowledge of different languages, MIT has based its curriculum on ’bilingualism’. Moreover, it is the first and only school in Europe (maybe in the world) to include Chinese Mandarin in its syllabus back in 2010.

MIT offers total bilingualism for 3-5 years old students, gives priority to the proper learning of these students, and has made it mandatory for the use of English as the main language at school for students between the age group of 6 to 15. All subjects except Spanish are in the English language. Along with English, the institution also teaches German from 3rd of Primary onwards.

Sounds astonishing, right? But this is just the start.

Javier quotes, “Apart from the educational part, MIT also offers Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Holograms, Technology and Programming, Robotics, Aikido, Horse Riding, Chinese and Yoga/Taichi in its compulsory curriculum.”

“Students will also have the opportunity to get the official Cambridge / Hanban certificates for English and Chinese, and the Dual Diploma (US High School certificate),” he further adds.

Mission, Vision, and Values

The primary focus of every institution must be the education of its children. It provides a chance for students to be literate, move ahead in their careers, and safeguard a good life. Various institutes come up with different strategies to focus on this goal and ensure proper learning and a better future for the students.

Moreover, as globalisation is spreading its wings worldwide, learning about different cultures worldwide has been an essential part of education these days. Aligning its vision with the aforementioned objective, MIT has become the exchange point of teaching and learning methods, using the latest technologies like wireless networks, remote tutoring, digital interactive whiteboards, etc.

Highlighting the institute’s mission, Javier says, “MIT is on a mission to get the best results from each student. The institute offers determined programs based on languages, emotional intelligence, sports/activities, and new technologies. This provides an opportunity for the students to obtain maximum results in the different disciplines.”


MIT has been a prestigious institute for a long time. It has always retained its reputation by enhancing its skills and programs with time. The institute has always looked up to the betterment of its students and their future.

Pressing extra emphasis on MIT’s vision, Javier highlights, “We were working with an intensive exchange program for students in 2019, before the Covid entered Spain and Europe, sending our students to China and programming new exchanges with Germany and the UK. This will come back soon to our project and plans for the future. We will also open and establish the first Spanish school in China and increase the number of places with remodelling works at the current school.”

An Outstanding Leader

Every institute requires a leader that can devise the best strategies for the advancement, development and growth of the institute and its students. MIT has one such leader Javier Díaz Cabrera who is taking the institute and its students towards a holistic arc of development.

Intertwining the institute’s objective with his personal goals, Javier says, “Our mission is to see beyond what is happening right now. We must prepare students for a reality that they will find 15 years later to say the least.” 

Envisioning Better Future

MIT is an institute that mainly aims to provide students with the pleasure of learning and make them capable enough to reach their full potential and forge their way toward a happy life.

With its primal focus on academic learning, MIT is also focused on being an institute that teaches its students about life. The school wants to be remembered for its way of handling things to ensure that the students can deal with any obstacles in their personal and professional lives successfully.

MIT prepares its students to face real-life challenges to attain true success and lead a life full of happiness.

We asked Javier about this unique perspective of the school, to which he said, “Happy students will become happy people; consequently, happy people with outstanding language levels will be prepared for any challenge that they may find in the future.”

Enhancement of International Students through E-learning

Globalisation has brought the world closer. Also, it has removed the global barrier that was once created by distance.

Moreover, in contemporary times, people want their children to be educated and civilised with respect to the 21st Century. Students travel to various countries to complete their education and gain the knowledge required to carve their way towards a good life.

Travelling is not always possible for students with various circumstances that pose to be barriers. In such times, online education is the perfect solution considering the context of international students; e-learning provides a perfect opportunity to learn without travelling anywhere.

One such circumstance has been the COVID-19 pandemic. Upon enquiring Javier about the school’s response in dealing with the pandemic situation, he puts,“We are offering face-to-face classes nowadays, but in March 2020, we were the first and only Spanish school and high school in the province offering a full online schedule to all the students, respecting the same timetable as before the lockdown, including subjects as PE, Yoga, Aikido, Music, etc, subjects that other schools decided not to impart.”

The institute also includes the secondary school and dual diploma program that allows the students to complete two qualifications at the same time.

Extra Care with Extra-curricular Activities

The world has well recognised the need for education in the modern era, but there are other elements apart from conventional education whose need has been recognised recently. These elements are extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, and the list may go on!

Globally, people from all over the world know the importance of these curricular activities. As a school, MIT understands this and allows its students to participate in different activities to enhance their physical and mental strengths.

The school offers more than 30 different options for all grades. These options include Horse Riding, Abacus, Ballet, Aikido, Language support, Paddle tennis, Robotics and even car driving lessons for high school students.

“We assume this comprehensive program that will work from October to May and from Mondays to Fridays will be available again for the next academic year,” mentions Javier.

Reaching Global Heights

“Everything is possible” has been the uproar of the global community. Following this, humans have developed several skills that have helped them achieve many goals, along with a multicultural approach that has become the need of the hour. This has also led students to choose to learn in other countries.

Stating about the initiatives launched by the institute to provide global exposure, Javier expresses, ”We are the only Spanish school in Andalusia with more than 40% of the total number of students not being Spanish speakers and coming from more than 25 different nationalities, all of them following a very specific successful Spanish support program that will allow them to get the best results at the same time they are achieving their respective grades successfully.”

Adding further, MIT has opened its gates to students from all over the world. The institute provides them with better education according to the student’s needs. And students from many countries have been happily studying at the institute and aspire to enrol in the coming years.

Preparing for the Future

As the future of any student does not depend on education alone, one needs to learn about leading a good and meaningful life. A healthy body and mind are the ultimate gift for any student in every stage of life. Also, knowledge of new technologies and gadgets is important to compete in the modern technological world.

Javier notes, “The use of new technologies for learning purposes, extra sports activities, horse riding and top languages levels are available for our students that makes a big difference with the rest of the Spanish schools.”

MIT aims to help their students not only with their education but also with the way of life they will live after completing their studies.

Achievements and Awards

MIT has been active in every aspect of society. It has the vision to provide every opportunity to each of its students and never fails in its accomplishment. The students from this institute have participated in many competitions and have won with flying colours.

Similarly, MIT has also won several awards for its services and skills. Some of these achievements are:

  • Gold Work Medal 2018, One of the 50 best Business Companies in Spain 2019.
  • One of the two best Bilingual schools in Spain 2019.
  • Best School in Spain 2019.
  • Best School in Andalusia 2020.
  • Certificate of Excellence in Business Management 2021.
  • First Prize on Digitalization in Spain 2021.
  • First European Prize in Innovation and Technology 2022.

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