Malla Reddy University: Cornerstone of Forensic Progress
Malla Reddy University
Malla Reddy University

Forensic science education in India unveils a captivating path for those who possess a passion for unravelling mysteries and bringing truth to the limelight. In the realm of this specialised discipline, aspiring investigators embark on a journey that merges scientific knowledge with the art of forensic investigation.

Within the corridors of forensic science education, students immerse themselves in a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses diverse facets of the field. From the intricacies of crime scene analysis to the intricate art of evidence examination, they delve into the core principles and techniques that underpin forensic science.

At the heart of this educational pursuit lies a deep understanding of scientific principles and methodologies. Students engage in rigorous study, exploring subjects such as forensic chemistry, biology, toxicology, and genetics. They develop expertise in analysing fingerprints, D.N.A., fibres, and other crucial forms of evidence, honing their skills in forensic analysis.

As the field of forensic science continues to evolve, driven by advancements in technology and scientific methodologies, education remains a cornerstone of progress. Forensic science education in India stands as a gateway for aspiring investigators, providing them with the knowledge, skills, and ethical foundation to make a meaningful impact in the pursuit of justice and truth. These factors enhance the importance of forensic science institutes like Malla Reddy University.

Malla Reddy University, Hyderabad (MRUH), is sponsored by Malla Reddy Educational Society (MRES) which is one of the units of the Malla Reddy Group of Institutions (MRGI). MRGI established an education hub with 32 Institutions, including Malla Reddy Tech City and Malla Reddy Health City offering all the Medical, Dental, Engineering, Management, Information Technology, Pharmacy and Nursing courses. MRUH adds another feather to this, as it is the only private university under the green field category established in Telangana.

It was the only private university founded in 2020 that falls within the green field category. The Telangana State Government approved the Higher Education (U.E.) Department on May 16, 2020, in accordance with the Telangana State Private Universities Act No. 13 of 2020 and G.O.Ms. No. 14. Its main goal is to meet the new demands of society and business. The Malla Reddy Educational Society, one of the institutions in the Malla Reddy Group of Institutions, sponsors Malla Reddy University.

Becoming the Centre of Excellence

MRUH has the vision to become a Centre of Excellence through new initiatives that include building world-class infrastructure, fostering international collaborations, creating innovative programs, forming partnerships with industry, hiring well-trained faculty, showcasing talent, fostering research and innovation, and encouraging outreach initiatives.

The campus has a built-up area of 100 acres that includes academic, administrative, and amenity buildings with cutting-edge infrastructure. It boasts a global vibe that draws in a variety of students from all around the world. Through knowledge collaborations, it fosters an atmosphere where students can have access to experienced teaching faculty who are highly qualified and have exposure to the global market. New Age Technologies and Innovative Curricula are part of its programmes to prepare students for the rapidly changing global environment.

Maintaining Global Standards

The global standards in the fields of research and publications serve as MRUH’s inspiration to pursue academic excellence tenaciously. M.O.U.s with numerous international universities are a popular aspect of the University because they allow for faculty and student interaction through academic and research immersion programmes. International Collaborations are being promoted for the mutual benefit of the University and the students. Through internship programmes, students are introduced to a variety of national and international businesses for the best on-campus placements.

MRUH is paving the way for itself to grow into a Centre of Excellence. To achieve this perspective, the university has been established with world-class infrastructure spread over an area of 100 acres with academic, administrative and amenities block with State of Art Infrastructural Facility. The university is having international collaborations, developing innovative programs, and also establishing industrial tie-ups.

The university prioritises recruiting well-qualified and trained faculty with international exposure and that they also promote talent, nurturing the student’s creative abilities for new innovations.

Three-dimensional Curriculum

The University’s course curriculum of B.Sc. Digital Forensics is unique in itself.

The curriculum includes three dimensions:

  • Digital forensic
  • Computer science
  • Conventional forensics

The course is designed to impart knowledge in these dimensions and build their expertise in digital forensics. The four-year course includes a minor project and a major project which have to be done in conventional forensics and digital forensics, respectively.

As Malla Reddy University is a private entity, it shows no discrimination towards the admission of students belonging to any category, and it also tries to maintain a social balance between the students and faculty.

Innovative Infrastructure

The university has made sure to make every classroom is equipped with smart boards to provide video-centric teaching and has also established a technical club to nourish and nurture students’ ideas. According to the University, the one challenge which will always prevail is the need to update; technology is one such thing that requires learning past, current and designed futuristic technology.

The benefit of this is that the students will be adaptive and learning, and growth-oriented.

Enhancing the Student Hood

The University makes sure to give students an overall experience in their student hood. To encourage students to take up different extra-curricular activities, it has set up the following clubs under the supervision of different department HoDs:

  • Sports Club
  • Literary Club
  • Cultural and Drama Club
  • Music Club

The University believes that it is preparing students to live in an aware world with interactions between them and nature and society. It also imparts the thought that it is their responsibility to do good to society in different forms.

The university is enrolled under the Unnat Bharat Abhiyan Scheme and the N.S.S. scheme.

The university believes in ‘Sab ka Saath, Sab ka Vikaas. The different departments established under the schools in the university have both national and international collaborations.

Ideal Early Steps

The university is a juvenile, which is yet to see its first batch out in the world and bloom everywhere they are. The students of the university have bagged placement in top companies like SAP and WIPRO, and many more to be achieved.

Have developed the department in recent years, understanding the need of the current world and the direction in which it’s heading; the advice the management of the University would like to give other institutes is to impart knowledge while also stating, “Design courses in a way which will fetch them with a wide range of opportunities in the real world, and we also feel collaborations, sharing and exchange programs are the key for prosperity of students and institutes. Any institute will only flourish if the students prosper.”

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