Medical students demand to be promoted in the Pandemic
Medical students

In the aftermath of Covid-19, several states have proposed general promotion in universities, both on a regular and a technical basis. Medical college students enrolled in courses such as MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BHMS, BUMS, nursing, all paramedics around the world have also increased their demand and are appealing to the general promotion authorities during the pandemic.

Some colleges have reported exam dates that present a major danger to students’ lives. They operate in labs, hospitals, and college buildings on the same site, and may contaminate wider areas in the case of any outbreak. Examinations can contribute to the formation of several corona hotspots that can be difficult to control.

A student argued via Twitter that the government has promoted all 1st-year students even of technical institutions. The same should be held for medical students.

A Medical Student Network said that the general promotion will not make them doctors automatically, it will just save them from mass infection.

A student stated that most of the places, hospital beds are full, so the hostels are being used as quarantine centers. How students can give exams in such places?

Any decision to promote the medical without performing exams will have to be made by the Indian Medical Council (MCI).

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