Medical Students Urge for Ethical Education as Potential of AI in Medicine Identified
Medical Students

In a recent pre-print study that was uploaded to the medRxiv* portal, a group of researchers evaluated medical students’ knowledge of artificial intelligence (AI), perceptions of it, and educational preferences in order to give them the information and abilities they would need to use AI in medicine in an ethical and efficient manner.

AI is also essential for analysing diagnostic images like skin imaging and computed tomography (CT) scans, which enables it to complement medical professionals’ decisions when making diagnoses.

AI can also be useful in a number of other medical disciplines, including as medication development and treatment tailoring. However, little is known about the amount of awareness among aspiring medical professionals regarding AI and its uses in healthcare.

Medical students were questioned in an online survey by the authors of the current study regarding their familiarity with the relationship between AI and medicine.

The pupils gave their written informed consent voluntarily and without being compensated or rewarded for it. The poll, which first asked the students about their knowledge of using AI in the medical profession and their comprehension of AI in general, took the students roughly 10 minutes to complete.

Then, in order to give the participants a basic understanding of the subject, a neutral definition of AI in medicine was given to them.

The researchers next gathered important information on participants’ perceptions of AI’s dependability, technical competence, credibility, trustworthiness in the context of medicine, intellect, and anthropomorphism using a combination of Likert Scales and semantic differential scales. These evaluations aided in understanding participant attitudes and opinions about AI, offering insightful information on how humans and AI interact and are accepted within the setting of the study.

The study’s validity and comparability with current literature were ensured through the use of scales that were based on prior research procedures.

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